Facebook Helps Bury The Story of BLM Co-Founder Buying Luxury Homes

Big Tech exposed itself as the source of the fake news hysteria the moment President Trump was barred from social media. For years, Trump has cautioned the American people about the risks of social media and the Democrats’ false narrative.

However, since Trump is often portrayed as a villain, many people choose to ignore him and continue to allow Big Tech to rule their lives. Now, it seems that social media was caught burying a story about the co-founder of the so-called political movement – Black Lives Matter – once again.

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The Washington Post published a report about Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors on Thursday. The co-founder was allegedly caught snatching up high-priced Beverly Hills houses, according to the report. The overall cost of these residences was $3.2 million. And, guess what? It doesn’t stop there; the article goes on to say that the homes were bought with BLM funds.

The nation was paralyzed last year by protests and looting orchestrated by the grassroots movement. BLM was fed up with being overlooked and requested a seat at the table to discuss the country’s future. However, though their goal may be to improve the planet, it seems that the creator is only concerned with herself.

When the news first emerged, people on the social media site Facebook found something unusual when they tried to post it. Using funds intended to assist Black Lives to purchase luxury homes is obviously a big deal, but none of the major news outlets covered the story. Facebook, on the other hand, has prohibited anyone from sharing or publishing the story on their website.

The Daily Mail was one of the accounts that was barred from posting the post, and it reached out to Facebook for an explanation. “As per our Community Standards: We do not allow people to post personal or sensitive information about themselves or others,” Facebook says.

We take down content that shares, offers, or solicits personally identifiable information or other private information that could lead to physical or financial damage, such as financial, residential, or medical information, as well as information obtained illegally.”

The New York Post issued a statement in response to Facebook’s stance, saying, “This decision is so arbitrary as to be laughable.” Is Facebook aware of how many newspapers, magazines, and blogs cover the rich and famous’s real estate purchases? Would it break any cultural expectations the next time People magazine covers Kim Kardashian’s new mansion purchase?”


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