F.B.I. Raids P.V. And O’Keefe’s Home Last Week! Now, NY Times Released The Leaked Documents!

The F.B.I. raided James O’Keefe’s New York apartment on Saturday.

On Friday, the F.B.I. also raided the N.Y. address of people linked to Project Veritas, claiming it was an investigation of how Ashley Biden’s diary reached the public.

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James O’Keefe’s home was raided, too, and it was stated to be part of the investigation.

The NY Times was, surely, notified about the raid by the Stasi F.B.I.

“The F.B.I. carried out search warrants in New York as part of a Justice Department investigation into how pages from Ashley Biden’s journal came to be published by a right-wing website,” New York Times reported.

One hour after the raid, the New York Times talked to the reports to ask for comment on this confidential investigation.

They were the first to break the story. In October 2020, Ashley Biden contacted the federals and reported that some of her items were stolen in a burglary. Among the stolen items was her diary.

Project Veritas has never published pages of Ashley Biden’s diary.

O’Keefe: The FBI took materials of current, and former, Veritas journalists despite the fact that our legal team previously contacted the Department of Justice and voluntarily conveyed unassailable facts that demonstrate Project Veritas’ lack of involvement in criminal activity and/or criminal intent.

Like any reporter, we regularly deal with the receipt of source information and take steps to verify its authenticity, legality, and newsworthiness. Our efforts were the stuff of responsible, ethical, journalism and we are in no doubt that Project Veritas acted properly at each and every step

O’Keefe imposed himself to risk when he released a statement on the investigation of P.V. journalist. The F.B.I. raided his home the following day.

One week later, the N.Y. Times released a report on James O’Keefe with a few personal documents from Project Veritas.

It took Chris Wray’s F.B.I. less than six days to release O’Keefe’s docs to their cohorts at the NYT.

The NYT shared a breaking report on O’Keefe and P.V. on Thursday.

James O’Keefe, the conservative group leader, via YouTube defended its work as “the stuff of responsible, ethical journalism.”

“We never break the law,” he said, railing against the F.B.I.’s investigation into members of his group for possible involvement in the reported theft of a diary kept by President Biden’s daughter, Ashley. “In fact, one of our ethical rules is to act as if there are 12 jurors on our shoulders all the time.”

P.V. has occupied the grey zone between investigative journalism and political spying, and internal docs that the New York Times reveals the extent to which the group has worked with the attorneys to gauge how far the deceptive reporting practices can go before running afoul of fed laws.

The leaked docs consist of several memos by the lawyers detailing ways for P.V. sting operations, which diverge from standard journalistic practice by employing people who mask their real identities and create fake to get into the target organizations.

“Because intent is relevant — and broadly defined — ensuring P.V. journalists’ intent is narrow and lawful would be paramount in any operation,” the lawyer, Benjamin Barr, responded to questions from the group about using the Tinder app.

In a July 2017 memorandum, Mr. Barr emailed a representative of the group that the criminal statute involving false claims to fed officials “continues to be an expansive, dangerous law that inhibits Veritas’s operations.”

The documents give new insight into the group’s workings. It has signaled that its defense will rely in part on casting itself as a journalistic organization protected by the First Amendment.

The legal documents that the New York Times got were a couple of years ago, at a time when P.V.A. was remaking itself from an operation running on a shoestring budget to a group closely modeled on a small intelligence-gathering organization.

In a statement issued by one of its lawyers, Project Veritas said it “stands behind these legal memos and is proud of the exhaustive work it does to ensure each of its journalism investigations complies with all applicable laws.”

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