Exposing The Deep State Ties To J6! The Origin Of The Russia Sham!

The origins of the first Russia dossier go back to 2002 when Don Berlin created the Russia collusion stories that include the billionaire brothers, released to the Mainstream Media years later after they became vocal supporters of Brexit.

In March 2019, Dan Bongino shared that the Russia collusion hoax was created a decade before Trump campaigned for the presidency.

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“Ladies and gentlemen, Democrats were looking for a ready-made scenario to attack Donald Trump, and thus the dossier appeared. But the information in this dossier is very close to the article written by the founder of the company that prepared this dossier, Glenn Simpson, who founded Fusion GPS, ”said Bongino.

Simpson founded a company that received funding from Democrats to investigate Trump long before he wrote an article for The Wall Street Journal, that is, the dossier was written at least 10 years before Trump’s presidential campaign.

The conspiracy participants in the article and in the dossier, according to Bongino, almost completely coincide.

“According to the plot of an article in The Wall Street Journal, written in 2007 by Glenn Simpson and his wife, former Soviet officials are trying to influence American politics,” – said the former secret service agent.

The April 17 article [of 2007], written by Simpson and Mary Jacoby, was titled “How lobbyists helped former Soviet officials influence Washington.”

“This article bears a lot of similarities with the dossier: plot, heroes. Who is the article talking about? This is Manafort, Deripaska. Deripaska is not mentioned in the dossier, but he plays a big role in the entire plot of Russian influence on the US elections, ”Bongino said.

It’s clear that the Russia collusion story used to harass and try to remove Trump from office dates back years ago. Glenn Simpson wasn’t the creator of the original Russian story.

Buzzfeed reported:

A billionaire accused by British politicians of being a suspected Russian agent has turned to the American courts in an attempt to “vindicate his reputation”, BuzzFeed News can reveal.

Christopher Chandler, the 58-year-old New Zealand–born founder of a think tank that had a significant influence on the Brexit debate, claims that a private investigator based in Washington, DC, was the original source of “demonstrably false” allegations of money laundering, organised crime, and Russian espionage against him and his brother, Richard, that caused a sensation in London earlier this year.

Chandler, a financier based in Dubai, is suing Donald Berlin and his company, Investigative Consultants, Inc., for $15 million (about £11.6 million) in damages. The libel case was filed in the US District Court for the District of Columbia last month and is reported here for the first time.

The proceedings against Berlin will expose Chandler’s background and business activities to a degree of scrutiny that the billionaire has spent his career avoiding.

The lawsuit claims that Berlin, while portraying himself as an experienced investigator with good sources, defrauded customers by providing worthless background reports that he put together by “inventing salacious narratives from his own imagination and weaving those false narratives together with manipulated information from the public domain”.

According to the lawsuit, Berlin was approached by Prince Albert of Monaco’s intelligence adviser to conduct a background check on the Chandlers in 2002, when the brothers lived in Monte Carlo. The suit claims Berlin tried to defraud the prince by producing a fabricated report. It allegedly included details lifted word-for-word from old news articles Berlin found on the internet, while other details, the suit claims, were inspired by “outdated spy novels”.

Berlin’s story is similar to the Russia collusion sham, stating that the Russian SVR recruited the Chandlers.

The brothers didn’t just handle financial transactions for powerful Russians, the report continued. They also participated personally in spying operations in the south of France. On several occasions, it was claimed, Christopher Chandler left or picked up “dead drops” in French cities for undercover agents, containing personal documents, cash, and shortwave radios.

So important were the Chandlers to their Russian patrons, it alleged, they enjoyed the protection of politicians all the way up to the top of the Kremlin. In 1999, the report said, Richard Chandler was awarded the “third class” Russian order for “service for the fatherland”.

Chandler denies all of this. He and his brother have never engaged in money laundering or organised crime, his lawsuit against Berlin asserts. They’ve never had relationships with the politicians mentioned — including Putin. And they’ve never had anything to do with Russian intelligence.

The Chandler’s claimed the entire Berlin dossier was garbage.

Chandler’s lawyers alleged that Berlin had concocted an entirely false history about the brothers in an attempt to trick Prince Albert, through Eringer, into paying nearly $100,000 for additional bogus investigations.

“From the beginning Berlin knew he did not have Swiss or Russian human intelligence or other sources and expertise required to provide an accurate background report on the Chandlers, so he set out to prepare a fictitious report about them,” Chandler’s legal complaint states. “Berlin intentionally invented salacious accusations about the Chandler brothers in an attempt to entice his marks to pay tens of thousands of dollars for additional fake reports about them.”

The suit claims Berlin “simply copied large portions” of a report he’d written for a previous client, relating to an alleged scam involving Gazprom, and changed the details to make it appear that the Chandlers had participated.

Other allegations were lifted from old news articles. One such claim was that the Chandlers hid money “in the name of Panamanian registered companies such as Dramal, Camparal, and Tutoral at the International Bank of Luxembourg (BIL)”. According to the lawsuit, this was taken from a 2002 article in Le Monde about a totally unrelated case, with the details changed to implicate the Chandlers.

The allegations about espionage are baseless, the suit says. Richard Chandler had allegedly been awarded a “third class” medal for service to the Russian fatherland, but there was no such award, it contends. Christopher Chandler had allegedly organised dead drops of shortwave radios for secret agents to use, but by 2002 such technology was outdated and Russian spies used mobile phones.

Below, Christopher Chandler’s filing in this case against Don Berlin.

The court case shared the accusations by Berlin in his Russia dossier and Chandler’s denials of these accusations.

Berlin is domiciled in Leesburg, Virginia.

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