EXPOSING The Biden-Harris Admin’s International Human Trafficking Disaster – Illegal Migrants Interviewed!!!

The government used the January 6 trial and the Ukraine war to distract the public from the illegal alien invasion.

George Rodrigues is a Conservative Spanish Talk Show Host, and he has conducted many interviews of illegal migrants, including hours of videotaping, providing the public insight into international human trafficking.

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The interviews happened at San Antonio’s news Migrant Resource Center, the strategic depot for interstate trafficking of illegal aliens throughout the US. The interviews contain a lot of stories about the hazardous journeys and inhumane treatment while migrating to the USA.

The migrants in the interview were highly motivated because the Biden-Harris Administration’s open border no longer requires VISAs.

Most of the migrants were Venezuelans, ex-pat Cubans looking for a better life. They are economic migrants, just like the ones from Central America who don’t qualify for asylum.

The Migrant Resource Center warehouses them without sponsors, and it releases them from custody to seek a US destination, which will leave them homeless.

The migrants spoke Spanish only; they were uneducated, impoverished, and lacked vocational skills making it extremely challenging.

Venezuela man doesn’t recommend immigration to the US.

Cuban woman robbed by Mexican police and physically assaulted.

Perilous Migrant Routes

The migrants must pass through the hazardous Darien Gap en route to the USA. The Darien Gap is the geographic region between Colombia and Panama. It doesn’t have roads, so the migrants have to traverse treacherous mountains, rivers, swamps, and tropical forests that stretch for sixty miles. Those with sufficient funds can bypass the Dairen Gap by boat from Carrot, Columbia, Colon, and Panama.

The migrants are falling ill, suffering injuries, and running out of provisions, so they are left stranded in the jungle to die.

When they exit the Gap, they take a layover at the UN migrant encampment Las Penitas, co-founded by the USAID NGO using US tax dollars. After this, they can travel along the Pan-American Highway route along the west coast to Tapachula, Mexico, passing through the open borders of Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Furthermore, there’s a visa office located 25 miles north of Tapachula at Huixtla. There, the migrants wait for 30 days for a visa to travel across Mexico to the US border. Because they are frustrated, they try to take over the immigration office and block roads.

The final process is from Monterey, Mexico, which is hell. The police collected bribes, robbed, and tortured the migrants. ‘’ The Mexican drug cartels will get more muscular with the bounty from human trafficking, further destabilizing Mexico and, ultimately, the US Southwest.’’

The challenges that the migrants face are the reason why most of the migrants are male.

Military Division Sized Caravans.

The large caravans aren’t organic but organized to intimidate law enforcement and try to limit predation. The media will never film the aid stations and transitory shelters that would reveal the organizations.

‘’ Pueblo Sin Fronteras (Towns Without Borders) provides the leadership for many caravans. News media avoids photos and videos of yellow-vested leaders, giving an impression of the caravans being spontaneous.’’

The caravans are the best place for novel infectious diseases like TB, Zika, malaria, pertussis, influenza, etc.
Aiding and Abetting Human Trafficking

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas went to Panama on April 18, 2022, for migration coordination. The trip happened a couple of weeks before the Biden admin ended Title 42, which prohibits unlawful entrance into the country.

‘’ USAID, CIA-founded, announced on June 10, 2022, a $314 million aid package of humanitarian assistance specifically targeting Venezuelan migrants. The funding provides migrants with hot meals, cash transfers, food vouchers, and food kits.

It is no accident we are seeing a surge of Venezuelan migrants in San Antonio.’’

De Facto Citizenship

Illegal migrants hope on phony asylum claims to be immediately granted an unsecured bond and released. The migrant would be assigned a future court date for permanent residence.

‘’ The Biden-Harris Administration wants to provide ID Cards and a mobile app allowing illegal aliens to open bank accounts and obtain driver’s licenses. A driver’s license would lead to voter registration fraud.
Homeland Security claims the app would manage and track migration as part of a “smart border,” and a border wall and detention camps are unnecessary.’’ TGP reported.

Biden-Harris’s Gandhi-Like Migration

The 1947 Indian immigration strategy of Mahatma Gandhi resulted in a calamity or uprooting over 15 million people and decimating between one to two million Indians.

‘’ The Biden-Harris open borders policy hasn’t reached the level of India’s great migration; it has resulted in tens of thousands of migrants traumatized and dead. That total will continue to grow with the wide-open border policy. ‘’

The Biden-Harris regime is run by Marxist technocrats, and it relies on Western empathy that prevents the state officials and citizens from protecting the border against passive migrants.

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