EXPOSED: US Navy Wants To Reject The Exemptions And Completely Mandated The Vaccines Violating Naval Procedures!

On Wednesday, Liz Wheeler dropped a bombshell revealing documents from the US Navy that shows their agenda to ignore and break some laws and procedures and mandate the vaccine for every single service member, regardless of the exemptions!

All religious exemption requests must follow some strict procedure when they are received to evaluate whether or not the appeal is granted. The Navy’s woke leadership is more concerning with partisan politics than following the laws on the books.

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Wheeler gave screenshots of a pre-typed rejection letter with the signatures of officers. The letter was delivered to a couple of members of naval leadership.

CAPT Marc Ratkus sent a copy of the standard denial memo to CDR Meredith Schley, instructing her to use it for ‘’all requests’’ that she receives.

The template has his letterhead and signature on it.

CDR Schley was uncomfortable with this command to use the memo because she thought it was unwarranted interference and would be in direct violation of Naval procedure.

From affidavits:

“Commander Schley responded angrily at what she perceived to be interference by her ISIC Captain Marc W. Ratkus, Commanding Officer, CIWT, and his JAG, Lieutenant Jesse K. Posey.

She said, “this is just like the religious accommodations. I said I didn’t want to do this and an hour later he [Captain Marc W. Ratkus] called and directed me what to say.”

We don’t know how far up the chain of command this directive is coming from, but the letter can be traced back to its author, which is Carlos Pagan.

He works for 2-star RADM peter Garvin, the commander of Naval Training and Education Command. But, Garvin didn’t participate in the religious exemption decisions.

Navy policy says that a Chaplain must screen the request before being submitted and reviewed. Then, the sailor’s commanding officers see the requests to make sure that everything is on and send it to the first 0-6 Captain in the chain of command before VADM John Nowell gives the final decision.

But, this chain of command isn’t following procedure when they made the decision for the exemptions.

US Naval policy states that every submission has to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and asks commanders to pursue the least restrictive means when deciding to honor the applicant’s religious convictions.

According to Sec. 2000bb-1 of Title 42 US Code:

“Commanders and staff should remain objective in considering requests to accommodate religious practices.

Commanders will not deny or recommend denial of a religious accommodation unless the denial or partial denial furthers a compelling governmental interest and is the least restrictive means of furthering that compelling governmental interest.

It is essential that commanders articulate the factual basis underlying any compelling government interest and that they articulate why a recommended denial or partial denial is the least restrictive means available to the commander to protect the compelling government interest over the individual request.”

Wheeler made an exclusive 30+ tweet thread with examples of sailors who have seen their requests denied and received something similar to template blanket refusal.

CDR James Brennan signed the rejection letter to CO of IWTC Virginia Beach. It says that the sailor’s request was denied because they couldn’t include any specific religious tenant that would grant him an exemption.

‘’ While it can be claimed that CDR Brennan may have looked at this case on an individual basis, the letter is unable to hide how the Navy’s leadership has chosen to deny these exemptions no matter what systematically. Brennan even admits that the sailor in question has “strong, personally held religious beliefs” against the Covid vaccine but is ineligible for the exemption because he lacks documentation to support his argument.

The unbelievable (and impossible) demand to provide documentation that proves which religious tenant is being violated has never been the standard operating procedure for these requests – Actually, it’s quite the opposite; the protections for religious accommodations have always been extremely broad, making it so that even atheists can utilize a religious exemption if something violates their personally held beliefs.

The Navy’s policy even specifically clarifies that “religious practices” can refer to “any exercise of religion” even if it is not included in an organized religious belief.’’ The Gateway Pundit reported.

The service members aren’t the only ones who have their requests denied, but they face unwarranted ostracization because they filled the papers.

When the exemption is submitted, the woke Navy brass fills a CHOP sheet, given to leadership for evaluation. Together with the request, the sheet is sent to the leadership, including comments about their case.
CDR Michael Tiefel and the 2nd in command at CIWT exposed the politicized nature of these lists in a comment sent to his supervisor, Ratkus.

‘’ The sailor who is being discussed on the form had provided detailed information in his request from the Charlotte Lozier Institute that showed how, and to what extent, aborted fetal cell lines were used in the development of the Covid vaccines. Instead of factoring that into his assessment, Tiefel refers to the claim as an “alarmist narrative” that originated out of the sailor’s “own research.”

In an attempt to discredit the information, Tiefel cites, a radical particular interest group that is aggressively pro-abortion. The group routinely insults and stigmatizes the pro-life movement, claiming that people who oppose murdering unborn children are guilty of spreading “dangerous rhetoric” and are “extreme,” “toxic,” and “out of touch.”’’ TGP.

Shortly said, if you are a US service member with a religious objection to abortion, then you are guilty of spreading harmful ideas.

The overreach is unnecessary. In July, the ex-commanding officer Corry station shared an email, emphasizing how they were able to accomplish the Navy’s mission fully, despite 0% vaccination rate on the base – fast forward to now, and the CO stated that they couldn’t accomplish the mission even though 99% have been vaccinated. Only 20 people have asked for an exemption.

As the leaders of the woke military, these people have directed their focus on the radical agenda, pushing transgenderism, climate change, and deserving American citizens in Afghanistan. Also, they use lies peddled through crazed left-wing interest groups as the justification behind refusing to accommodate the requests.

In closing, Liz Wheeler sums it up perfectly:

“This is what people in positions of power in the Navy think about people of faith, and these are the resources senior leaders are using to consider these religious exemption requests.

Does this sound like a fair process to you?”

The Gateway Pundit Twitter

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