EXPOSED: Surprise Evidence About The Election And ‘Vaccines’!

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A new poll, published this morning at RedVoiceMedia.com, shows that Americans’ confidence about where the country is headed has decreased by 20 points since May, which, in Wayne Dupree’s words, is “downright astonishing.” This is all highly unusual for the world’s most prolific and popular presidential candidate in history. We’ll get to that in just a moment.

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What we see here is a complete reversal of Trump’s accomplishments. According to Tom Homan, the former Acting Director of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, we’ve never had more secure borders than while Trump was in office. He understands, and he correctly pointed out, that what we now have is the polar opposite. It is extremely perilous for every American citizen, as every state has become a border state. The US military is complicit in the plot to flood every state with illegal immigrants, altering the country’s demographics, and doing so without your consent.

Meanwhile, these authoritarians support Cuba’s communists, denying admission to individuals who are truly seeking asylum to avoid the country’s terrible climate while enabling drug cartels, human smugglers, and child sex trafficking enterprises to operate freely at the border. Your cities are under siege by domestic terror groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, your right to free speech is gone, the second amendment is under attack, the country is muzzled with ineffective oxygen-inhibiting masks, the planned virus has been exposed, the shots marketed as “vaccines” are killing an alarming number of people, and the push to stick a needle in every arm is only getting stronger.

The list goes on and on, but these Marxists purportedly in charge of the country are putting 100 percent of their effort into completely dismantling Trump’s policies; it’s a complete 180, a complete reversal of everything President Trump did during his four-year tenure to put America first. From energy independence to sensible commerce, your right to keep and bear arms, and a general sense of patriotism, America was prospering, and the globalists’ goal was to entirely obliterate it all. That is the entire concept of this gigantic hoax, this unusual environment, this peculiar sensation of darkness and alienation looming in Washington DC, and that creepy Hollywood-like suspense or sci-fi thriller scribbled in the margins.

Morals, ethics, honesty, transparency, and American pride have all but vanished from the White House, and there isn’t a single person in that so-called government who has a positive outlook on our country. When was the last time you heard the individuals ostensibly occupying the White House say anything positive about the United States of America?

Donald Trump was in Arizona, and it’s evident to me that he’s now aware of the situation. People close to him have been keeping crucial information hidden, limiting what he has access to, and attempting to carry out a political assassination, but it’s evident to me that he’s starting to recognize a lot of what’s going on around him.

Doug Billings, the host of the wildly successful show “The Right Side,” joined me on the podcast today to talk about it.

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