EXPOSED: Rockefeller’s Leaked Speech From ’91 Evil Plot

If you think that the New World Order doesn’t go beyond Bush – you’re very wrong.

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The Rockefeller family is one of the founding families of our bank system and they’re evil hands have reached far into every corner of the world.

You must watch this leaked clip from one of his “private” speeches back in 1991 that was never meant to go public.

Watch as he praises the media for collaborating with him to bring in a New World Order.

Here’s an article exposing him, while he is trying to paint himself as GOOD.

“How could this pious man, who invented modern institutional philanthropy and lived according to the strictest rules of church attendance, abstinence, hard work and charitable giving, at the same time have conducted his business affairs with utter ruthlessness? Ron Chernow’s fascinating biography explores all three sides of John D. Rockefeller Sr.’s life–personal, business, philanthropic–and remains puzzled by this inconsistency. All the way through the book, he chews at the problem. I offer a lesson of history: Fanatic piety may condone evil means.

As a boy, Rockefeller was taught in a one-room country schoolhouse. At 16, he found a job as bookkeeper with a firm of merchants. He applied unceasing energy to his affairs. “Work enchanted him, work liberated him, work supplied him with a new identity,” Mr. Chernow writes. One day, Rockefeller said to an older businessman, “I am bound to be rich–bound to be rich– bound to be rich! ”

From the first, he gave generously to charity, even when he had very little money himself. At 20, he gave away more than 10 percent of his income, including a gift to a black man in Cincinnati to buy his wife out of slavery. When he joined the Erie Street Baptist Mission Church in Cleveland, he helped sweep out the halls, usher worshipers to their seats and wash the windows. He attended Friday-evening prayer meetings and two services on Sunday. He abhorred drink, dancing, cards and theater.

John D.’s father, William A. (“Big Bill” or “Devil Bill”) Rockefeller, was a flimflam artist who wandered widely, selling cancer cures and other nostrums from a cart. He offered women berries resembling pills, warning them that abortion might result if they were pregnant, which stimulated sales. In due course, Big Bill married devout,. abstentious Eliza Davison and moved her in with his housekeeper-mistress, the beauteous Nancy Brown. The two women started having children in alternation. John D. was born on July 8, 1839, in a bedroom measuring 8-by-10 feet. Big Bill soon began living a double life as “Doc” William Levingston. Under that handle, he married a sweet 17-year-old girl, Margaret Allen, and thereafter wandered irregularly from one family to another.

In his latter years, John D. disavowed his father completely. So perhaps his stern rigor was in reaction to his father’s wicked ways. One can sum up the business side of Rockefeller’s career by observing that in the early 1880’s, the Standard Oil Company refined and transported 85 percent of America’s oil, used as kerosene for illumination, not only for America and Europe, but also for China, Japan and India. In the next decade, Standard Oil entered oil production, attaining a third of U.S. output. How was this possible? Mr. Chernow explains in great detail. Rockefeller was a business genius, although his methods were more than rapacious. Starting in 1879, “Rockefeller began a 30-year career as a fugitive from justice”–i.e. process-servers and Congressional summonses.

Mr. Chernow has examined 20,000 pages of letters to Rockefeller from his associates. They were much less discreet than John D. himself, who was careful not to put things to paper that might be used later in court. As a result, transactions can be documented that once were only suspected. Mr. Chernow says that “he and Standard Oil entered willingly into a staggering amount of corruption,” and that “his correspondence implicates him directly in this skullduggery.” Here, for example, is U.S. Senator John Newlon Camden writing to Rockefeller’s associate, Henry Morrison Flagler: “Politics is dearer than it used to be–and my understood connection with the Standard Oil Co. don’t tend to cheapen it –as we are all supposed to have bushels.” He asked for “$10,000 in some turn–stocks or oil.” On another occasion, he wrote, “I have arranged to kill the two bills in Md. legislature at comparatively small expense.”

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