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EXPOSED: Kristi Noem Is Pro-Syrian ‘Refugee’, Pro-Gender Bending Bathrooms

Revolver, which is rapidly replacing the politically dormant Drudge Report as one of the top populist news outlets, published a stunning exposé on South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who they say has consistently worked against the populist movement in both action and rhetoric since 2016.

Noem made headlines recently when she declined to sign legislation passed by the South Dakota legislature prohibiting biological men who have “transitioned” to become women from engaging in sports with biological women. She appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight and was savagely chastised by the cable news host for bowing out of the cultural battle due to NCAA pressure.

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“So you’re saying the NCAA pressured you because you don’t think you can win the battle because they said if you sign this, we won’t let girls play in South Dakota, and you don’t think you can win in court even though the public overwhelmingly supports you nationally, so you’re caving to the NCAA?” Carlson asked. Carlson rejected Noem’s contention, but Noem was unable to effectively refute him.

Although many were shocked by Noem’s apparent betrayal of the populist movement that had hailed her as an anti-lockdown hero who enabled her state to remain open while the rest of the country was forced to close its doors and enter a year of hiding due to the China-originated COVID-19 virus, Revolver reported on Noem’s apparent betrayal of the populist movement.

Revolver states that instead of taking advantage of President Trump’s offer, “Noem turned down the president’s offer.” South Dakota, it turned out, was in dire need of more refugees. It’s not that turkey processing plants can’t be staffed by Americans.”

Noem also chastised Trump for allegedly referring to poor, third-world countries as “sh*thole countries,” adding that she has nieces from Haiti and Ethiopia, “so it’s personal for me.”

Prior to the recent veto, Noem suggested that she would give in to political pressure from the left on transgenderism.

Despite promising voters that she will sign legislation requiring transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds to their biological identity, Noem failed to do so in 2020, according to Revolver.

South Dakota lawmakers mistook Noem’s pledge for serious opposition to the transgender hysteria that is mutilating America’s children. They considered a more comprehensive bill in early 2020, which would have done much more to protect South Dakota’s children and stem the tide of transgender insanity than any bathroom bill.

House Bill 1057 would have made it illegal for physicians in South Dakota to operate on children or administer hormone blockers to them for the purpose of “gender confirmation” treatments. The bill was approved by the state legislature. It would have been the most serious counterattack against the transgender cartel if it had been rule, and Noem might have been the hero leading the charge.

But it never materialized. Noem never got the opportunity to veto H.B. 1057 because it died in the state senate. She did, however, play a key role in the bill’s defeat.


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