EXPOSED: AMA Propaganda Handbook Doctors are Brainwashing Their Patients With Terms Like “Pandemic” and “Vaccine”

Doctor Courtney Bennett of the Mayo Clinic was featured on this program yesterday. She’s the cardiologist who remarked that if you aren’t vaccinated and get sick, “do me a favor and don’t burden our hospitals because you are ignorant,” to paraphrase. “Ask YouTube for assistance.”

Now we may have a better idea of who is dictating Doctor Bennett’s words.

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The American Medical Association, it turns out, has been issuing long guidelines instructing doctors on what they should say to the public, much like trained propagandists.

This reads eerily similar to those university-produced guides. There’s a guide at Brandeis University that says you shouldn’t use the word “homeless person.” Replace “person suffering housing insecurity” with “person experiencing housing insecurity.” Use the phrase “individual with substance abuse disorder” instead of “drug addict.” Use “someone involved in sex work” instead of “prostitute.” There’s an old left-wing method of controlling reality by controlling what language you use, which was utilized by the French revolutionaries, the Communists, and today’s progressives.

So, what else is included in this book? They do, however, offer social media template posts that tell doctors exactly what to publish on Facebook or Twitter. “Even with the vaccine, we need to maintain using masks to stop the spread,” for example. #MaskUp #COVID19.” Or, to quote, “Facts, logic, and compassion demand that we all play our share.” Vaccinate yourself. #COVID19.” “I trust a vaccination that has been supported by scientists, career public health professionals, my doctor, and the mainstream medical community. #TrustScience,” or something similar.

This article also provides advice on how to avoid awkward questions or stall an interview. I’m not joking. To stall, they recommend asking for the question to be repeated or answering it yourself while saying things like “I’m happy you asked that” and “blah blah blah.” Do you want to deflect? “That is a misconception, but the reality is…”, say. Do you want to take the conversation in a different direction? Simply say, “I don’t have all the details on that,” and then express what you truly want to say.

That, it appears, is how the medical profession operates these days. We put these folks through 20 years of school, make them take exam after exam, make them sign a Hippocratic oath, and then give them a user manual on how to use hashtags.

Other eerie information can be found in this document. The American Medical Association explicitly calls on tech platforms to “promote evidence-based information from reliable sources and limit the dissemination of disinformation,” as quoted by the AMA. To put it another way, a medical organization is now advocating for censorship in the name of public health. They advocate for the abolition of all non-medical vaccine exemptions. They demand that when researching coronavirus medicines, the medical profession prioritize black and “Latinx” people; in other words, de facto racial discrimination. This is the organization that accredits medical schools across the United States. But, like every other institution in America, it is being tainted in order to serve a larger, perpetual agenda.


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