EXPOSED: After His Campaign Announcement The Biden Center Received More Than $50 Million From China

Another exposé has surfaced on Fox News detailing Joe Biden’s dubious ties with foreign superpowers for personal gain.

Hunter Biden is well-known for using his father’s reputation to gain preferential treatment in China and Ukraine.

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Biden used Air Force 2 as his personal Brinks Truck, bringing Hunter along to complete personal deals on taxpayer fuel and resources, according to Americans.

Many people are unaware of the Biden Center, which is based at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn).

Joe has recently nominated the president of the University of Pennsylvania to be the next ambassador to Germany, which is quite interesting. It’s strange how this continues happening.

President Joe Biden has nominated the University of Pennsylvania’s president, who has ties to China, to be the next US ambassador to Germany.

According to the university, Amy Gutmann is the Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Political Science and was named one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” by Fortune in 2018.

She’s also the president of the University of Pennsylvania, which she’s held since 2004.

Is it shady to nominate the president of a university in which you have a financial stake? The majority of individuals would say yes. However, this isn’t the most egregious aspect of Biden’s affiliation with the University of Pennsylvania and the Biden Center.

It turns out that the Biden Center was mostly funded by Chinese funds.

Yes, the same China that has gotten a free ride from him since he took office.

Don’t be fooled by Biden’s public words and threats towards China. China has been eating our lunch on Biden’s dime behind the stern language.

According to the National Legal and Policy Center, a conservative-leaning public ethics group, the university allegedly received tens of millions in hidden donations from China between 2013 and last year. And after the school’s Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement opened, the dollar totals skyrocketed.”

Last year, the National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint against UPenn, citing $22 million in “anonymous” Chinese donations to the Biden Center and a total of $70 million from China.

“All investigations into the identity of the Chinese donors who made $22 million anonymous donations to the university have been stonewalled by the University of Pennsylvania,” NLPC Chairman Peter Flaherty told Fox News on Saturday. “We believe it is past time for her (Dr. Gutmann) to respond to the query and name the donors,” said the group.

Some would argue that this is just a coincidence. After all, the University of Pennsylvania is a prestigious institution, and I’m sure many Chinese parents want their children to attend, and perhaps their gifts have something to do with it.

The Biden Center first opened its doors in March 2017, just over a year before Biden announced his candidacy for president in 2020.

According to the complaint, anonymous donors contributed $500,000 out of a total of $7.7 million in donations from China in 2017. After Biden announced his candidacy in 2018, the amount raised to $27.1 million, with $15.8 million coming from anonymous donors. In 2019, Chinese donors contributed the institute $26.9 million, including $6 million anonymously.

Flaherty stated, “Academia is swamped in Chinese funding.” “It’s past time for administrators to start responding to inquiries about it.”

When you consider the large sums of money and the timing of Joe’s election campaign, it’s evident that the Chinese money wasn’t given only for the purpose of educating future generations. It appears that this was all about gaining access to the White House.

Biden also appears to be rewarding those who assisted him in getting away with it. Joe is enlisting the help of everyone connected to the Biden Center and placing them in positions of influence throughout the government. Particularly on matters of foreign policy.

And Gutmann isn’t the first individual tied to UPenn’s Biden Center and the Chinese contribution problem to be considered for a Biden government position; in November, NLPC member Tom Anderson projected that “everyone” in the Biden administration would be a candidate.

“This institution was an incubator for Biden’s foreign policy team, and it’s a perfect venue for his choice of secretary of state,” Tom Anderson, director of the National Law Center’s public integrity project, said Fox News immediately after Biden named Antony Blinken as his nominee for secretary of state.

Blinken served as the managing director of the Biden Center from 2017 until joining Biden’s presidential campaign in 2019. During his confirmation hearings, however, he was never obliged to address questions concerning the Chinese funds.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all the ways Biden benefits from foreign countries. We may not fully comprehend the magnitude of the Biden money operation for several years. Hopefully, by then, it will not be too late for America to turn things around and re-establish itself as the superpower it once was.


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