Experts Assume That One of The Reasons for a “World War” Could be Biden’s “Late Stage Dementia”

As you are probably aware, Joe Biden’s G7 Summit was a complete fiasco.

Joe made a lot of mistakes, and he roamed around aimlessly a lot. He was perplexed, confounded, and half the time seemed dazed and out of it.

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It was a disaster…

While usual, our media remained silent as the calamity unfolded in front of everyone’s eyes.

While there were a bevy of blunders, there was one in particular that piqued people’s interest.

It was the part where Joe was unsure of which country he was referring to…



He was meant to be having a serious conversation about “Syria,” but instead referred to it as “Libya.”


He didn’t just do it once; he did it three times in a row, never correcting himself.



Later that day, his staff stated that Biden meant “Syria,” not “Libya.”

What a colossal foreign policy blunder.

Consider what would have happened if Trump had done it…

The media would have been giddy, and every Tom, Dick, and Harry would have been screaming for the 25th Amendment till they turned blue.

When Biden does it, though, no one says anything — I noticed one political headline that referred to Biden’s G7 as a “political win”… and they’re baffled as to why we don’t believe them?

The American people, on the other hand, have eyes and ears and are aware of Joe’s situation…

The Handlers can no longer disguise his deterioration because it’s happened so swiftly.

Conservative commentator John Cardillo was appalled by what he witnessed at the G7, and he said in a series of tweets that the 25th Amendment should be used in this situation, since if Joe’s “dementia” behavior continues, he will lead us into war.

Take a look at this:

“There has never been a more pressing need to trigger the 25th Amendment than after watching the G7 Biden recordings.

Biden’s dementia will provoke a conflict and result in the deaths of far too many people.

And how despicable are his corporate media acolytes who are complicit in the health-care cover-up?”

“It’s not a stutter,” says the speaker.

It’s a case of late-stage dementia.”

“He’ll say or do something that will result in the deaths of a large number of people.”

John is correct.

The GOP needs to get off their asses and condemn this egregiously hazardous behavior.

I’m not sure what they’re anticipating. This isn’t a joke, and it’s also not our imagination.

Joe Biden is plainly ill, and he needs medical attention, but he has no business acting as a “fake president” on the American people’s pay.

Contact your representatives and senators and gently demand that they call attention to Joe Biden’s worsening health – we need to hold the GOP accountable on this.




Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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