EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tony Shaffer Discussed Bill Barr’s Actions After The 2020 Election!

Joe Hoft from TGP talked to the retired Lieutenant Colonel and trained CIA intelligence officer Tony Shaffer this Thursday morning.

Shaffer talked about the permanent coup in Washington and the 2020 Election, and we heard a shocking story about the ex-US AG Bill Barr.

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Tony Shaffer started talking about the permanent coup in Washington and the takeover of the government by the Democrats.

He shared this in St. Louis a few years ago, and she shared his predictions: major elements of the federal government aren’t adhering to the major purpose of defending the Americans.

“How do you all not recognize that whole element of the federal government is compromised to their primary purpose of defending the interests of the American people? How do you not get that?.. One of our parties no longer supports the fundamental concepts of our republic.”

He also talked about the Big Tech and their censorship; he was removed from Twitter for trolling Ray Epps, the person at the Capitol on the J6 event (from Deep State).

Furthermore, he worked on the Beth Page story after the election, and he vetted the driver, Jesse Morgan. You can see his story at the 10:00 mark.

Tony decided to move forward with the story.

He contacted his friends, mentor, and former Attorney General under President Reagan, Ed Meese, who knew Bill Barr. Later, Meese talked to AG Barr and filled him in on what was identified by Tony.

“Not 10 minutes go by, Joe, and all of the sudden, I get a call from a 202 number. “Hey Tony, this is Bill Barr; what’s going on?”

And I go through and explain what we just talked about. And he says, “You need to stop. You are interfering with my investigation.” (What?)

“Where is Mr. Morgan now?” And I told him we had him in a safe house… “You will stop now, you will turn him over to us immediately. You are now interfering in an FBI investigation.”
I said, and I explained to him that with all due respect, the FBI is not the organization to be investigating this based on all the problems.

“No, they’re the ones that are working this; you have no authority to continue doing anything that you are doing!”

And basically, for the next 20 minutes, he yelled at me on the phone.

Tony explained,” And I would argue that he broke the law by refusing to accept that as a premise of him going in [to the FBI to discuss what he saw and knows]

… So the next thing you know, I’m gone off the investigation, Morgan is turned over and he goes away, never to be heard from again.”

He still doesn’t know what happened to Morgan.

“So this tells me right there, the fix is in. If you can’t have the Attorney General. The Attorney General himself examine in detail what we developed as a team, rationally, not emotionally, and then make emotional demands that were not even supported by law, that tells you what Bill Barr was doing…
…I will go on the record now and say Bill Barr did not do his job.

Watch the video below:


The Gateway Pundit

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