EXCLUSIVE: US Air Force Military Whistleblower Shared The Plan Of Military Purge!

The vaccine purge of the US military has begun, and the Army has reprimanded more than 2,700 soldiers and will start with the discharge the next month. On Thursday, the Marine Corps shared that it has discharged approximately one hundred Marines because they refused to get vaccinated.

There’s the Air Force, which discharged 27 members only last week because they refused to get vaccinated.

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These are the first of many! The 27 members were low-level personnel in their first term of enlistment.

None sought a medical, administrative, or religious exemption from the shot. The list would grow long once they began purging officers and career service members. There are thousands of members that have refused to get the jab.

Among those people is one person, who wants to remain anonymous, is an active duty Air Force major with more than a decade of service. He has a wife and children, has seen combat, and spent thousands of hours in the air.

He put his career at risk to resist the shots.

The major emailed Red Voice Media and shared, “I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my family, and my country. Although the “why” isn’t fully clear and at the time I can get frustrated or discouraged, I believe fully that God orchestrated my life to get me to this point. … This is NOT an attempt to get out of the military. My service commitment is up. As easy as it would be to simply separate (which I can do whenever I want), I will not “go gently into that dark night.

Their next guest stated that while opposition began as general opposition to the C-19 vaccine, this has hardened in the wake of the sham vaccine approval and the clear efforts to evade making a fully lawful order.


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