EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Attorneys Have To Destroy Seth Rich Material By April 28- Durham’s Office Won’t Mandate The Evidence Be Preserved – You Haven’t Heard This Info!

New proof surfaced about the Seth Rich case from the Federal government. Yesterday, the attorneys realized they have to destroy the evidence by April 28.

The attorneys got in touch with Attorney John Durham a few months ago, who didn’t respond about the evidence’s maintenance.

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In addition, you can see the letter Attorney Ty Clevenger sent to Attorney Durham.

Also, you can read the content of the letter.

”Mr. Durham,

On October 12, 2020, I sent a letter to you and then-Attorney General William Barr about the need to preserve evidence related to the origins of the “Russian collusion” investigation. Neither you nor anyone else at the Department of Justice responded to the letter.

Yesterday I learned that the evidence is due to be destroyed not later than April 28, 2021, pursuant to a protective order. I urge you again to take steps to secure the evidence and prevent its destruction, in no small part because I believe the public has a right to know what it reveals. I cannot discuss the exact nature of the evidence, however, because of the restrictions in the protective order.

If another lawyer informed me about the evidence that was relevant to one of my cases, I cannot imagine sticking my head in the sand the way you have. Like President Trump, I’ve come to suspect that you and Mr. Barr were acting in bad faith, and that you appeased President Trump with the pretense of a legitimate investigation even as you were “running out the clock.” That said, please feel free to prove me wrong.

Ty Clevenger”

Attorney Clevenger is the person who did his best to reach the bottom of the Seth Rich case, and he was trying this for years.

Every month the DOJ denied the fact that it had some evidence that DOJ/ FBI looked into the Seth Rich case.

In the summer, 2016, Seth Rich got shot and killed in Washington DC. He was a young Democrat employee who is believed to have been killed right after providing DNC emails to WikiLeaks. But, the officials classified his case as a robbery.

The evidence that Attorney Clevenger provided led to the recovery of information that shows the DOJ’s involvement in Seth Rich’s investigation after it denied this fact.

At this point, we acknowledged that Durham isn’t answering the requests to keep evidence that the Americans haven’t seen connected to the Seth Rich case.

We all know DOJ and FBI are extremely corrupted! People will hear the truth about Seth Rich.

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