EXCLUSIVE: Quiner Doc Speaks Out, “The Most Malnourished Patient I’ve Ever Seen”

A doctor from Texas was a guest in The Stew Peters Show, discussing C-19 treatments.

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On Monday, the Stew Peters Show welcomed Texas doctor Dr Joseph Varon, who cared for Scott Quiner in his final days, to discuss the holocaust-like deathcare treatment he endured, neglect from his previous stay at Mercy Hospital in Minnesota and ultimately his unfortunate death.

“Mr Quiner was extremely ill, he was chronically, critically ill,” Dr Varon told Stew Peters on Monday. “He was a gentleman that appeared to have suffered for several months.”

“And it doesn’t have to be like that,” Stew Peters said.

Stew inquired with Dr. Varon why America is witnessing patients dying in the hospitals, being refused the effective and safe treatment methods, and Dr. Varon replied: “Because Covid has been a political illness, not a scientific illness.”

“And if you read a headline online, it will probably tell you that Scott Quiner died from COVID – 19; that is an out-and-out lie, perpetuated by a dishonest media,” Stew Peters said Monday. “They refused to even give him the most basic of fluids and nutrients – he lost nearly thirty pounds while in their ‘care’.”

“This is a man who was under the sole care of Mercy Hospital for nearly three months; this is what they did to him,” Stew Peters said Monday.

“I believe that in a just world, when this whole Covid nonsense is said and done, there would be trials for everything that happened,” Stew Peters said. “Some of these people, like Tony Fauci, may very well deserve the death penalty.”

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