EXCLUSIVE: Jailhouse Interview With J6 Prisoner Whose Son Turned Him To The FBI! He Didn’t Even Enter The Capitol!

The Department of Justice in the US is probably the institution that spreads injustice! They are capable of destroying people’s lives and families. Guy Reffitt is among the persons whose life has been completely destroyed after the J6 event.

With Nazi Germany Playbook, the FBI enticed Reffitt’s teenage son Jackson to record conversations with his father in the family home.

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He was the main witness for the prosecution that nailed the coffin for his father.

According to Nicole Reffitt, the wife of Guy Reffitt:

“Jackson recorded his family home for eight days following his Dad’s return from DC, and many of the recordings were Jackson provoking his dad into the debate, and out and out purposely provoking his dad…all at the behest of the FBI.”

According to the father, Reffitt:

“I told the girls and my wife to contact him and see (about the letter).  And my lawyer tried to reach to ask him if would like to write a mitigation letter – not that he is being asked to say he lied at trial or anything, but just that he would like me home so that I could be with my wife and my girls.  Try to be home for all my kids actually.  But he told my wife that he would not do that, because he said that my trial would set the example for all the Jan 6’ers and they all needed to be punished.

The father talked to TGP from his cell in DC Gitmo. The Government asked Judge Dabney Friedrich to sentence Refit to 15 years minimum in prison. Reffitt talked about the precious moments that he saw his wife and his daughters.


Here’s the transcript of the exclusive interview with Guy Reffitt:

Reffitt:  I am just hoping to get home to my family, that is all I am really hoping.  As far as my sentence, I mean whatever she decides to do.  I am hoping that she will just sentence me to time served.  I have been here for 19 months, 222 days in solitary confinement.  Being in my cell for more than 22 hours a day, which is akin to death row inmate’s kind of time.  When you are in your cell for 22 or more hours a day, that is the confinement that death row inmates get.  The whole time I was in that situation, I was a pre-trial detainee in that situation, which is not supposed to happen.  The pandemic set in a whole different tone.  Treated so unfairly when compared with typical pre-trial detainment.  Plus we have had no visitation, no pre-trial visitation.  No video visitation, where the ones on the other side of the jail do get video visitation.  All the way to the very beginning.  The only time I have seen my family since 1/16/2021 was for the little bit for my trial which was only for a few moments at a time.  As it is right now I am just excited to be able to see them for a few moments on Monday.  That is my prayers….just to see them!

Castronuova:  Yes, I am praying for you, Guy.  Are they going to be there Monday?

Reffitt:  Yeah.  They are heading this way tomorrow morning.  Will spend tomorrow night in Tennessee, and will get in here on Saturday, Saturday evening.

Castronuova:  Do you think the Judge will let you hug them, or whatever?

Reffitt:  Ah, I kind of doubt it.  I will be in the control of the US Marshals at that point, and the Marshals will not let us get any closer than a few feet.  Will probably just be able to look across the room the room at each other, but we will see.

Castronuova:  Is that something you have been thinking about…seeing them….to get you through?

Reffitt:  Yes, we have been talking about it and looking forward to it.  We will not react no matter what the sentence is, whether it is time served, 20, 60, or 100 years.  It is going to be what it is, and we have all agreed that we are not going to react, we are not going to get emotional, it just not going to be one of those scenarios.

Castronuova: Do you think Jackson is going to be there?

Reffitt:  I don’t know.  He said he wasn’t going to be here.  He told the family he was going to be going on a camping trip.  I have no idea.  I would assume that if he was going to be there we would know.

Castronuova:  Would you want him to be there?

Reffitt:  I would love to see my son again, but if he is going to come be a victim witness, then no I don’t want him there.

Castronuova:  I don’t think he would be a victim witness, do you?

Reffitt:  He might, he might show up. To everything I have seen in regards to the sentencing I have no victims.  The only thing I have seen is they say the $3Million damage to the Capitol is my fault.  A year ago it was $1.5Million, now its increased twicefold.

Castronuova:  Yeah, probably inflation.

Reffitt:  Hahah, Bidenflation!

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Castronuova:  You were telling me about Jackson, about your lawyer asking him about writing a letter or something, what was that story?

Reffitt:  I told the girls and my wife to contact him and see.  And my lawyer tried to reach to ask him if would like to write a mitigation letter – not that he is being asked to say he lied at trial or anything, but just that he would like me home so that I could be with my  wife and my girls.  Try to be home for all my kids actually.  But he told my wife that he would not do that, because he said that my trial would set the example for all the Jan 6’ers and they all needed to be punished.

Castronuova:  Right.  Did that upset you?

Reffitt:  It’s disturbing.  Very disturbing.  I don’t know where that mentality comes from – that is not how my son was raised.  But since he has been back from overseas and back in the States, since high school since he has been back, it seems he has been on a downward spiral down an indoctrinated tunnel. It seems disturbing to me, I don’t know who that person is.  It’s scary.  It’s scary that people do that now, or that people think that way.  Our society is just destroyed – it’s crushed.  And I don’t understand what happened to it.  Now I understand it, I see it, I think everybody knows it,  I don’t think anybody can gameplay what is going on in our society today, it is pretty obvious.

Castronuova:  How does Nicole feel?

Reffitt:  She is better today.  Yesterday was a very hard day. The days come and go, some days are better than others.  Today is a better day just because we are excited to see each other.  It’s really the only good thing we know is going on at the moment.  We know that on Monday we are at least going to see each other.  That matters a lot.  That means everything.

Castronuova:  It seems that you guys are really close.

Reffitt:  Close?

Castronuova:  Yeah, your family – very close.

Reffitt:  Yeah, my family means everything to me.  We all mean everything to each other, that why it is so confusing as to what is going on with my son.

Castronuova:  Right.

Reffitt:  For some reason all of a sudden he is not that person.

Castronuova:  Has he always been close with you guys, all throughout childhood?  Into his teenage years?

Reffitt:  Always….yes.  My whole family has always been really close – really close. Loving.  Always a loving family.  When my girls were little they would always sit in my lap and we would watch TV together- they would lay on the couch, we would hang out and watch TV when I was home, when I wasn’t working.  Jackson was always around, he was right there with us.  He was always around the girls, he was always around us.  We travelled and did all kinds of great stuff.  Adventure, adventure – always laughing.  It wasn’t until, I want to say it was when he turned 16 and he got his first girlfriend. It kind of just started getting a little bit weird, but I kind of expected such a thing.  You know I was a young man as well, and I know that was an odd time for me as well because I was being a little rebellious myself and didn’t want to be ruled by my father’s rules in the house – when I was 16.

Castronuova:  Do you think that maybe he started embracing maybe more of a Leftist mentality, like a different political perspective?

Reffitt:  Well, even he said in trial that he was strongly politically motivated.

Castronuova:  Like in what way?

Reffitt:  Ah, that’s part of the reason we had such turmoil in the house.  He liked the BLM Movement, and he was strongly motivated to the political agenda at that time, and all the craziness that the country was going through at that time.  And then he eventually started and wouldn’t stop, he would come in try to jab at me.  He would stay in his room a lot, he would be on his computer a lot, him and his friend would play games and there was a lot of craziness in the games.  And there would be motivated political discussions and he would come in and gaslight me into the conversations and then we would kind of banter back and forth.  You know, but at the end of each conversation I would be like “I do appreciate that you have an opinion, I think it’s a great thing that you even have an agenda, that you have something that you stand for and believe in.”  I even made sure that his voter registration was filled out and that he was registered to vote on his 18th birthday, that he should have every right to be part of the voting society, and I made sure that was mailed and was properly filled out as it was supposed to be, and I made sure that he was aware of the voting centers where he could vote.

Castronuova:  So what would you say it was, could it just be the ideology that he was embracing, a different ideology from what you embraced?  Seemingly people on the Left applaud kids who turned their parents in for the J6 stuff…call them heroes.

Reffitt:  My wife and I have discussed this and we have come to the same conclusion that when he got back from overseas and went to high school there in Wylie High School, the teacher a lot of the kids really liked was the “Ingenuity” teacher.  They were all giddy about her and all of that, but she was teaching them about Communism and Socialism.  They used our Facebook account to make a point to show the kids extreme Conservatives, as she put it in the classroom.  Some of his friends and he said that they believe in Communism and they wanted the country to turn into Communism.  One of his friends got so upset on January 6th when they were in the living room watching what happened, that when Nicole started talking about the Constitution she got up and left…she was so offended that the Constitution would even be discussed.

Castronuova: So that could be part of it, the indoctrination of these kids, that could be part of it…if not all of it. It is very unfortunate. You want to call me back, we are going to get cut off.

Reffitt: I won’t be able to get a chance to call you back.

Operator: Thank you for using Securus.

“The Biden Regime is using Reffitt to set an example to Americans as to what can happen if you challenge them,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “If it can happen to the Reffitt family, it can happen to your family. Speak up and stick out your neck out for others- or when the time comes that you need someone to help you, there will be no one left standing.”


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