EXCLUSIVE: Here’s What Michael Flynn Says About Myanmar

Six months after receiving a full pardon from former President Donald Trump on claims that he lied to the FBI, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is speaking up this week. Though Flynn admits that the situation has taken a toll on him and his family, he does not want Americans to feel sorry for him since he believes that other matters deserve sympathy.

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In a new interview with Mobile, AL radio station FM Talk 106.5, Flynn contended that the country and Trump were the actual victims.

“What occurred to me is a clear example of political persecution of a guy who has dedicated his life to serving this country,” Flynn said. “And people approach me and say, ‘Jeff, I’m very sorry for what happened to you.’ But I tell them not to feel sorry for me. You should feel sorry for our country. We should all feel sad for our president. Feel sorry for the president of the United States of America, Mike Flynn, because they didn’t just target me. They attacked an entire system of a free and fair government that we have because Donald Trump occurred to win and demolish Washington, D.C.’s power base and corruption.”

Flynn did not stop there, blaming the culture of the Department of Justice for allowing this to happen.

“Now, for the Department of Justice — and I want all of your listeners to know, and I know it’s largely southern Alabama, in that part of the nation — our Department of Justice is incentivized,” Flynn added. “The people who work there are motivated by their convictions rather than by uncovering the truth. As a result, they are promoted based on how many bodies they can bury or how many scalps they can obtain. I despise using those terms. But that is the case. That is the truth. They are motivated by convictions rather than discovering the truth.

“That is harmful to our country,” he added. “It is harmful to our country to base everything on the rule of law. We should be guided by a moral set of laws, which is what our Bill of Rights is built on, which is based on the Ten Commandments. All you have to do is read our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, the Bible, and the Ten Commandments. And, as you can see, the ideas enshrined in the Ten Commandments are fulfilled in our Constitution, and they stem from the fulfillment of the Bible and the commitments we make to one another. And the Department of Justice and those who work within it, particularly in Washington, D.C., have suffered a setback.


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