EXCLUSIVE: A Democrat Reporter Calls The November 2020 Elections “A Hoax”!

A Liberal reporter has just tried putting the “hoax” elections on the Republican party!

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Wait, what? So, you’re actually admitting that the elections were threatened and not valid??? That’s a nice thing to say when a Liberal candidate won!

Liberal reporter Alison Greene criticized Senator Mitch McConnell’s “surprising” 2020 election victory. she cited that the voting machines were corrupted just two days before both parties in the Congress have certified the “most secure election in US history,” ushering in the Joe Biden presidency on January 6.

Election experts have studied the issue and pointed out that

“McConnell had his biggest percentage of registered Democrats voting Republican in counties using ES&S machines. But he wasn’t the only senator to perform so well. Other Republican incumbents, whom polls indicated would have close races, had similar luck to their majority leader on Election D8thay.

Lindsey Graham’s race in South Carolina was so tight that he infamously begged for money, yet he won with a comfortable 10% lead—tabulated on ES&S machines throughout the state. In Susan Collins’ Maine, where she never had a lead in a poll after July 2, almost every ballot was fed through ES&S machines. Kentucky, South Carolina, Maine, Texas, Iowa, and Florida are all states that use ES&S machines. Maybe the polls didn’t actually get it wrong.”

but, while Greene is opposing the Republican’s victories in her biased article, she forgets one pretty important thing, which makes all things transparent. This is the statistical analysis from the subjects in Arizona.

“The results showed that 90% of surveyed Democrats oppose the audit, and 78% of surveyed Republicans support it.”


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