EXCLUSIVE: Corey Lewandowski Announced The “Interactive Tool” On Trump’s New Social Media Site

I just can’t wait to see Trump back on social media! And I am so glad he took things into his own hands, instead of waiting to be allowed back in-game, making deals with the Big Tech companies, which obviously follow another propaganda.

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In his latest appearance on Newsmax, loyalist Corey Lewandowski announced that it is absolutely correct and sure that President Trump will release a new social media. He stated that the site is still being constructed, and it will take time since they’re not planning to use Amazon on their servers.

But the most interesting part of his announcement was where he speaks about the new “tool” that is going to be the absolutely new thing, still unreleased and unknown by other social media.

Corey said this about the new site’s main feature: “It’s going to be an interactive communication tool whereby the president will be able to post things to it, and people will be able to repost and communicate directly with him.”

The use of the words “interactive” and “tool” sounds like this social media site will be less like a platform and more like a device for President Trump to get quick messages out, since the man has been kept silent for way too long. And in such a devious and terrible way!

“What we’ve seen from Big tech and the cancel culture is: if you don’t agree with their philosophy, they’re going to cancel you,” he continued. “We’re going to have a platform where the president’s message of America First is going to be able to be put out to everybody and it’ll be an opportunity for other people to weigh in and communicate in a free format without fear of reprisal or being canceled.”

I really hope this platform will be the beginning of a new era in social media, a platform that will make Twitter and Facebook feel threatened and not so safe for being on top.


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