EXCLUSIVE: Candace Owens explains The True Reason Markle Married Harry!

The Meghan Markle factor seems to be quite a big deal in society. And the latest Oprah interview made an even big fuss!

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Candace Owens, the Conservative author, and political commentator has written on this subject in the column she wrote for The Daily Mail. She just recently became a mother for the first time, and she has something to say, regarding Meghan Markle’s announcement about her pregnancy.

“If Meghan is who I believe her to be, she will not-so-absentmindedly stroke her burgeoning belly throughout because there is nothing which inspires more sympathy than an expectant mother under duress. With gentle coaxing, viewers will come to believe how difficult it was for her to come forward with ‘her truth’ while carrying child.” This statement of hers was attacked via Twitter by Markle’s friend, the actress Chrissy Tiegen, the wife of famous singer John Legend, saying that she could eventually have a miscarriage over the drama in her life.


“I was confident that Meghan, a relatively unknown B-list actress, would somehow find a route back to Los Angeles,” Owens continued in her article. “Because there is nothing more traditional, and therefore more repugnant to a Liberal than the concept of a monarchy and all of the ‘broken’ traditions that come with it.”

If peace and quiet really were the Sussexes’ goal, then the woods and lakes of Canada were perfect,” Owens surmised. “But Canada is not Hollywood. And for someone who has spent a lifetime trying to make it’, Los Angeles was always going to be the final destination. Mingling amongst A-list actors and calling A-list actresses her best friends – that was the sort of dream she recognized. And what better companion to have by her side than a genuine Prince, helping secure admission to the sort of social circle she’s unlikely to have entered through her own talent alone. Meghan never cared to be a Royal.”

“The purpose is to justify the amount of publicity she and Harry will pursue on a go-forward basis. Meghan will want us to believe that she is a wounded bird, just finding her voice. Hollywood-types will praise her and Harry as ‘brave’ and ‘inspiring’ for having the courage to speak out against such a powerful institution.  People will come to understand that Meghan and Harry are pursuing a Hollywood existence – not because she had planned for them to do so all along – but because women, black women, in particular, need to find their voice in this important historical moment.”


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