EXCLUSIVE: C-19 –A Planned Bioweapon By China’s People’s Liberation Army!

Covid-19 is a planned bioweapon invented by China’s People’s Liberation Army!

In 2005, Colonel Ji-Wei Guo of the People’s Liberation Army’s Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University in Chongqing, China, introduced and explained a new bioweapon type.

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Colonel Guo doesn’t accept the clumsy, traditional biological weapon that will lead us to massive destructions.” depend on microbiology, especially bacteriology, which uses destructive bacteria, viruses, and toxic living bodies obtained directly from the natural world. These weapons are subject to nature, are difficult to control, and have irreversible effects.”

China uses biotechnology to design new biotechnical weapons that would be controllable and recoverable.

Because of that, China had sole possession of the vaccine and the antidote.

These weapons are highly contagious, with low lethality, and easily deployed under pre-war conditions. Even though it is artificially created, the bioweapons will retain plausible deniability, and it could be attributed to a disease of natural origin.

Thus, it spawned the PLA’s joint bioweapon development and vaccine program, which incorporated China’s universities and access to international knowledge, especially those from the US.

Colonel Guo expanded his thesis to make it “a fighting power in addition to a tool of maintaining and strengthening the army’s fighting power–that is, forming an aggression system of biotechnology.”

He suggested the military medical scientists use biotechnology to create weapons targeting particular physiological effects on humans: The goal of precision injury is not necessary to terminate a life but to choose a degree of injury depending on the purposes of operations and the types of enemies.”

In 2006, Colonel Guo concluded:

”Since war is an act of violence aiming at annihilating enemies or depriving them of resistant abilities, the modern biological techniques used for attack purposes have a more direct and precise target at humans than other methods, which will play a more critical role in future military operations.”

Guo was trained in English and sent abroad to espionage, even though it isn’t very clear where he went. Together with his PLA colleagues, he promoted biotechnological weapons and bio-based war in Chinese language journals.

Colonel Guo’s student, Kun Hue, in the 2013 Chinese language Master’s thesis, explained the military doctrine underlying the use of non-lethal biowarfare agents as C-19:

”This paper is the first to systematically put forward the thought of “non-lethal” biological warfare in which future war will focus on the ultrastructural biological field and demonstrate the necessity and feasibility of the construction of “non-lethal” biological warfare scientifically.”

Maybe it isn’t a coincidence that Colonel played a crucial role in the PLA’s C-19 research.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan stated that the CA-19 virus originates in the labs overseen by China’s PLA, made with bat coronaviruses ZC45 and ZXC21 from Zhoushan, China.

China had an extensive biological warfare program where C-19 was its biotechnological weapons.

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