EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: The ACLU Hired 255 Workers for Georgia’s Fulton County to Be Deputy Registrars

And to do their functions properly and without any further need of assistance, it gave them full Internet and Voter Roll access…. And look at all the things that went wrong…

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Carter Jones made two reports based on his experience and the observations he made in Fulton County Georgia on Election Day 2020. There was something that jumped out from this reporting. Here’s an interesting piece from his report (quotation):

6) During the general election, Richard Barron negotiated with the ACLU to provide 255 deputy registrars to use ENET to cancel absentee ballots. During the runoff, this task was performed mainly by a smaller number of non-ACLU deputy registrars. SHS received no complaints during the runoff about unnecessary wait times related to not having additional dedicated deputy registrars.

Georgia law states that NO Deputy Registrars:

shall engage in any political activity on behalf of a candidate, political party or body, or question, including, but not limited to, distributing campaign literature, engaging in any communication that advocates or criticizes a particular candidate, officeholder, or political party or body, and wearing badges, buttons, or clothing with partisan messages.

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Further down the line, Deputy Registrars Training is also required. This is noted in the ACLU’s ad for Deputy Registrars:

However, “Monthly Operations Reports from Fulton County Board of Records and Elections (BRE) indicate that only 18 Deputy Registrars were trained in January 2020 (at 2 classes), and 31 Deputy Registrars were trained in February 2020 (at 5 classes). All months from March 2020 through October show “0” Deputy Registrars trained and “0” Deputy Registrar classes during this time.”

To back this with even more evidence, here’s Suzi Voyles testifying in front of the Georgia State Hearing from December 3, 2020, describing the ACLU-picked Deputy Registrars, their role, and their online access (at the part at 2:11:11.)


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