EXCLUSIVE: Amazon Worker Trapped in Robot Walls!

You can’t see this every day.

This isn’t something that we usually cover, but this was captivated.

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I think that the video is authentic, at least it seems to be.

Someone who works at Amazon can confirm this.

One Amazon worker in the warehouses got trapped in a maze of robot walls.

It would be terrifying if you have claustrophobia.

Maybe this is Bezos’ version of the future.

Watch the video on Rumble:

We have backup:


LouderWithCrowder reported:

What do you do when Skynet becomes aware and starts screwing with you? Well, we live in America in 2022, so when things happen—anything, really—you pull out your smartphone and start recording a TikTok video.

It would take place in an Amazon warehouse, too. When this guy goes to grab some stuff out of this ridiculous maze of shelves, some little robots decide to have some fun and start moving those shelves around, blocking him in, forcing him to then set off on an adventure to escape.

Now, let’s thank our lucky stars this isn’t another extremely cringy video of some leftist doing lefty things. Those videos and the people who make them are awful. And although TikTok is garbage regardless of the content, at least this video is interesting-ish.

Did anyone happen to catch the menacing look on the robots’ faces? They knew what they were doing. They knew they had the upper hand. I half expected an entire squad of them to start synchronizing their efforts, blocking him in a small cubby hole and then moving together the two walls like the trash compactor in Star Wars.

I also don’t know how these things work, so I’m just making it as dramatic as possible in my head. Do these little super Roombas just move around according to set programming, or are they like little fetching robots that go grab shelves only after being told? I mean, this matters. Either these robots decided to do this of their own accord, or a bunch of this guy’s coworkers just felt like having a laugh.

Regardless, I’m going to say this is the beginning of the Skynet uprising because I’d much rather the world end in a great war against robots than because Putin got a wild stick up his ass one day and just decided, “Meh, f*ck it.”

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