EXCLUSIVE: AG Garland’s Wife Is Advisor Connected To Brennan Center And Linked With Far-Left Groups Working To Stop 2020 Election Audits!

AG Merrick Garland is withholding more details, and the fake MSM will cover him. His son-in-law is making millions by promoting the CRT to schools across the country, and his wife is linked with the election groups who do their best to prevent audits from happening.

We reported that the US AG Merrick’s Garland’s son-in-law pushed the CRT to schools. Regardless of this fact, Garland asked the FBI to take some action and investigate parents complaining about the CRT being taught at schools.

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Now we have more information about Garland’s wife! She’s an election specialist linked to the non-profits, trying to prevent the election audits from happening. There is limited data on Lynn Garland and her background.

Lynn Rosenman Garland was raised in New York and Redding, Connecticut, and attended the prestigious Brearley School, according to her wedding announcement.

She went on to graduate from Harvard University and from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she earned a master’s degree in operations management.

At the time of her wedding she was working as the staff assistant to the vice president in charge of operations for the Melpar division of E-Systems, Inc., a defense elctronics contractor in Falls Church, Virginia. Details about her later career were not immediately available.

We heard the announcement about Garland’s daughter’s marriage, and there was emphasized that his wife “advises government and non-profit groups on voting systems security and accuracy issues.”

Ms. Lynn Garland is mentioned in a report on persons involved with the Election Verification Network.

A few others linked with the Election Verification Network collaborated with different far-left non-profits that tried to stop the audits of the 2020 election.

Lynn Garland has worked as an unaffiliated volunteer to improve the security and accuracy of election systems since 2004. She is a co-executive editor of “Principles and Best Practices of Post-Election Audits.” She served on a team evaluating optical scan systems for Maryland’s State Board of Elections. Previously, she worked in manufacturing operations management for a Fortune 100 electronics company. She majored in Physics at Harvard College and in Operations Management at MIT’s business school.”

Liz Howard was an observer representing Maricopa County in AZ’s audit and a member of the National Task Force on Election Integrity.

Mark Lindeman was listed in the Election Verification Network and was also involved in the New Hampshire audit.

The investigators didn’t find anything wrong even though the conservatives losing races by machine error that they actually won.

Ms. Garland collaborated in writing the article on election audits with Mark Lindeman and Jennifer Morrel.

Ms. Garland co-wrote the article with the Brennan Center and Verified voting.

The Brennan Center took part in the attempt to stop the Maricopa County audit, together with Liz Howard. These two were also connected with Harri Hursti, who audited New Hampshire.

From this, we can conclude that Ms. Garland was also connected to the 2020 election. She co-authored different articles in collaboration with other people critical of audits after the 2020 election and tried to stop the audits.

Also, she was quiet while her husband threatened the people who participated in the AZ audit.

Garland is conflicted because his family is connected to school curricula, and now, he has links to national elections. He’s very dishonest and doesn’t share his information with the public!

The Gateway Pundit EVN Verified Voting

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