EVIDENCE: CNN Faked The Whole Story About Matt Gaetz, Got Caught, But Still Won’t Give Up!

This is a childish circus!

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I believe a lawsuit is being prepared, since CNN should’ve been “a grown-up”, admit their wrongdoing, and remove the whole story from their webpage and publications, even they should publicly apologize to Mr. Gaetz!

According to a report published by The National Pulse,

“In the early afternoon of April 11th, 2021, internal and external communications staffers for embattled Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-1) received a request for comment from newly minted CNN reporter Gabby Orr. Orr, a former POLITICO employee, would report as her first story for Jeff Zucker’s network that Rep. Gaetz had been denied a meeting with former President Trump. The aim of the story was to weaken support for Gaetz on Capitol Hill as the House returns from recess.”

Orr’s e-mail read: “Apologies for bothering you on a Sunday but I wanted to run something by you for confirmation before reporting it out… I was told by two people familiar that Congressman Matt Gaetz asked to meet with former President Trump at [Mar-A-Lago] last week and was denied.”

She reported before receiving any confirmation from each of the sides, so the original story claimed neither side replied, which was not true at all.

She was reaching out from an unverified, anonymized ProtonMail account, while her Twitter biography still held her old, POLITICO e-mail address.

A few hours later, Gaetz’s team responded. At least, they thought they did.

“Rep. Gaetz was welcomed to Trump Doral this week and has not sought to meet with President Trump himself. He’s been mostly relaxing with his fiancée this week during recess. GOP establishment types can leak as many lies as they want to their friends at CNN, but a recent poll showed Rep Gaetz’s constituents are overwhelmingly supportive of him, and that’s the only support a Member of Congress needs,” their statement read, in full.

In their article, The National Pulse states that

“The National Pulse reached out to Orr over the matter, who admitted in direct messages to me, an “Honest mistake,” and “a sincere oversight on my end,” adding: “I would never deliberately ignore a spokesperson’s response to a request for comment.”

Trump’s strategist Jason Miller slammed Orr and CNN for faking and fabricating such a story, for the purpose of propaganda in favor of the Liberals.


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