Every State Must Be Audited! North Carolina Results Are Ridiculous, Almost Impossible!

On November 4, 2020, it seemed that Trump won North Carolina. However, today, some readers shared that there were almost impossible results when the ballots were certified.

In September 2020, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania allowed voting to continue for nine days after the election. Everyone knew that it was the state in jeopardy of being stolen in the 2020 election.

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Precisely on November 3, we shared that voting hours were prolonged in North Carolina because there was an error in the voting machine.

Later, during the night, North Carolina shared that 100% of the precincts were reported, be later, they stated that only 94% were complete.

Also, the North Carolina Board of Election allowed individuals to fix the ballots.

One observer spotted an unusual event in the state’s final results, and we will share it with you.

I guarantee there was massive fraud here in North Carolina.  I have lived in Orange County (heavily Democrat, especially with the University of North Carolina and Duke University in the south part of the county) for a decade. There is NO WAY that North Carolina went for President Trump, and at the same time, Democrat Roy Cooper got re-elected as well.

How in the immortal hell does a state go for Trump (Republican), elect Mark Robinson (black Republican) but re-elects a piece of trash Democrat like Cooper? That doesn’t happen without fraud. North Carolina went for Trump in 2016 and Romney in 2012. Scroll over the voting percentages per county at the link here:

Orange County was 75% for Biden?
Durham County was 80% for Biden?
Look at the rest of the state. No other county got above 67%, not even huge Charlotte or Wake County.

The state went for Senator Tillis (Republican).

Orange County was 77% for Cooper?
Durham County was 82% for Cooper?

None of the other counties got above 69% but, these two were higher than Charlotte or Wake County? Even the Tillis/Cunningham race is suspicious. The house races for Districts 6, 4 & 2 are questionable. The percentages are way off.

Most of NC is RED. But, tip the scales, illegally, in two relatively small counties…

You should notice that the counties with the most whacked percentages are all University counties.

I’m also attaching a couple of shots I grabbed of the parking lot of the Board of Elections here in Hillsborough.

Never in the decade, I’ve been here have I seen U-Haul trucks, all over the place, two days before the elections. I guarantee these trucks were FULL of fake ballots.

NC’s voting machines need to be cracked open and, Orange and Durham Counties need an Arizona-style audit.

It holds water.

The numbers are bizarre. Duke and UNC were having remote classes for their students, so why these two countries are so far left in their results.

North Carolina Reps. Asked for audit of the voting machines. I think that this is an excellent step. However, it won’t discover the fraud. Probably the devices are already clean and will not show any evidence.

So, the real solution is for the machines to be examined by professionals, and they should find some irregularities that will be valid in front of the court. It is the best to date the audit in Arizona for the Senate there. They see if every ballot is legitimate or not. The only way to determine it is to review the folds, paper type, ink, and ballots format.

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