Even Though Her 8-Year-Old Son is “Viciously Bullied” Actress Megan Fox Insists on Sending Him to School in a Dress

What’s the matter with Hollywood?

It seems like they’re getting crazier by the day, eroding their standards and self-respect with each irrational action…

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It’s having an effect on their poor children.

Megan Fox is the newest oddball to join the club, claiming that she encourages her son to wear dresses to school despite the fact that he is horribly tormented for doing so.

Noah has been subjected to “mean, terrible, and cruel people” online, according to the actress.

“I don’t want him to have to read that nonsense because he hears it from tiny kids at his own school who say things like, ‘Boys don’t wear dresses,’” Fox, 35, explained.

When questioned about her children, Fox cried, according to InStyle:

Fox does something that women are routinely encouraged to avoid in business settings: she cries when I ask her about her children.

She apologized for her feelings at first, but then she quickly stopped herself and continued speaking. She saw that there’s no reason to hold back a feeling just because of some arbitrary behavioral guideline set out for women, similar to her career enlightenment. When it comes to her “kids,” all that matters is safeguarding them, particularly her oldest, Noah, who has been subjected to “mean, nasty, and vicious people” online.

She explains, “I don’t want him to have to read that nonsense since he hears it from tiny kids at his own school who say things like, “Boys don’t wear dresses.”
Noah, then 6 years old, wore dresses to his “very liberal, hippy school,” according to Fox, who added that she’s attempting to teach him “confidence” to withstand being picked on.

According to PEOPLE magazine, she added on the panel, “Sometimes he’ll dress himself and he likes to wear dresses sometimes.” “And I send him to a fairly liberal, hippy school, but even there — here in California — he still gets small boys saying things like, ‘Boys don’t wear gowns,’ or ‘Boys don’t wear pink.’”


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