Even Kamala Harris Doesn’t Think Trump Would Be Criminally Charged!

Vise President Kamala Harris dodged to answer directly when she was asked if she thinks that former President Trump would be criminally charged regarding the rioting events that occurred in Capitol last month.

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She, as a former prosecutor, would be especially competent to give this sort of opinion. However, in the Interview for Today, she kinda “slipped” with her attitude and didn’t give a direct answer, saying that she hasn’t reviewed the case as a prosecutor.

“The president was acquitted in the Senate trial, but Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, though, had some harsh words, saying he didn’t get away with anything yet, and that civil and criminal liability was still a possibility. I ask you — do you think that President Trump should be criminally charged?” was the question host Savannah Guthrie from Today asked Vise President Harris.

And the answer that followed was “You know, right now, Savannah, I’m focused on what we need to do to get relief to American families, and that is my highest priority,” the Vice President replied. “It is our administration’s highest priority. It is our job. It is the job we were elected to do, and that’s my focus.”

However, on the other hand, Harris herself was recently accused by Senator Lindsey Graham, claiming she was the one inciting violence in the past, as well as supporting racial riots and taking part of protests. If you have this in mind, and correlate it to the answers Kamala Harris gave in the Interview, you might just say, there could be some truth in it, right?


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