ESCLUSIVE REVELATION: The Official 2024 Presidential Elections List

Though we’re still shocked by the 2020 elections, and the 2024 elections seem far away, the political future is being planned at least 5 to 10 years up ahead!

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Now, what you’re about to read is exclusive information. And let me remind you – President Trump also hinted he could be running once more!


1. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem.

After super efficiently handling the COVID 19 crisis in her state, she would most definitely be considered as a serious future candidate. She didn’t shut down the business, she stands strongly with President Trump and she quite certainly didn’t implement mandatory masks, making the state economy and tourism nourish, comparably to the other states.


2. Ron DeSantis, the current Governor of Florida

Though the COVID 19 hit Florida as harshly as possible, since it is a country that mostly survives from tourism, he somehow managed to keep the economy open and to stabilize the economy’s hit, which would definitely crush the state down if it didn’t remain open.

He is also a veteran of the Iraq War and has immense experience in leading the military.

3. Donald Trump Jr.

The Executive Vice President of the “Trump Organization” has the absolute control of a huge company, dozens of workers, and finances, which makes him an astounding future presidential candidate. Add the fact that his father’s fans just ADORE him, and you have a match!

4. Mike Pence

This guy has tons of experience, especially in politics and government. He knows by heart just how Washington D.C. works, he devoted 12 years in the House, he’s a former Governor of Indiana, a pro-second amendment, and a really strong and powerful individual of the Conservatives. We would definitely see more of him in the upcoming 2024.

5. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul

He’s a second-term Senator, coming from a family of political included strong conservatives. He has a sharp tongue and a lion’s heart, a supporter of America’s First policies, and a supporter of low taxes as well as free trade regimes. This would most definitely toughen up our economy.

6. Last, but not least – Donald Trump

He toughened up the economy, made clear to the other international countries exactly where we stand and how we should be treated, which made America great and trustworthy.


We want to know from our readers: Who do YOU want to see as the Republican nominee for President in 2024?


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