ER Doctor on The Omicron Variant: Natural immunity With Mild Symptoms

There’s nothing to be afraid of! Omicron is a mutation of the virus, but this is completely natural in the scientific term of events.

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On the bright side, the COVID virus has evolved into a less hazardous threat, with mild symptoms compared to the original disease.

In an interview with NTD’s “Capitol Report,” the emergency room doctor and former U.S. Army Special Forces lieutenant colonel said that even though “we’re seeing an uptick in [the] number of people affected, the severity of disease seems to be, at this point, minimal.”

“If the infectivity is greater, but the virulence or severity is less, this may be actually something good in terms of getting people immune to it without necessarily having to depend on a vaccine that’s not incredibly effective,” Hamada stated.

Because the Omicron variant has “approximately two dozen mutations in that spike protein,” according to Hamada, the effectiveness of current vaccines against the new variant remains to be seen.

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