EPIGENETICS: The Vaccines Are Deleting Human Genes – Replacing them With EBOLA!

Scientists are literally playing gods, especially with all the technology they have on-demand, and all the possibilities that this COVID “pandemic crisis” is offering.

It’s an endless harvest for their inner-demonic potential!

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Here’s more from Dr. Aryiana Love.

“Stockholm University just released a scientific horror. The “spike” protein in the Covid-19 “vaccines” are penetrating the cells of the vaccinated, reaching the cell nuclei, and impairing your cell’s ability to repair damaged DNA.

Pharmaceutical “vaccines” are silencing the genes responsible for DNA repair and deleting them forever in humans.

Johnson & Johnson uses Adenovirus 26 (Ad26) in its vaccine. J&J openly admits that their Ad26 vector “codes your cells to produce a spike protein” but they don’t tell you they’re also deleting your genes.

The U.S. patent #20140017278 for Adenovirus 26 and 35 Filovirus, openly states that it codes your cells with the Ebola and Marburg chimeric proteins.

The J&J Adenovirus 26 vector deletes your E1 gene. The patent also states that it deletes the E1 gene in Humans. This is known as the X Chromosome. The E1 gene is required for accurate and instant repair of damaged DNA. Deletion of this gene is lethal.

E1 gene deletion causes embryonic lethality which means permanent sterility for men and women. It causes Lactic Acidosis in children which is the lack of oxygen in the blood. E1 gene deletion causes rapid cancer growth, Thrombosis, and the coagulation of the blood which leads to clotting. Blood clotting is the main reason people are dying from the Covid vaxxines.

E1 gene deletion causes Mitochondrial DNA-Associated Syndrome which is a process of glucose metabolism deficiency that exists in various diseases such as Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, diabetes-associated cognitive decline, and severe neurological disorders such as Leigh’s Syndrome. There’s a progressive loss of mental cognition and typically results in death within two or three years, usually due to respiratory failure.

Without your E1 gene, your cells will literally self-suicide!”

What do you think about this?


“This is proof positive they’re creating the next “pandemic” with lethal injections that will gradually induce AIDS in the inoculated masses through gene deletion.

The pharmaceutical cartel has not only injected Ebola and Marburg into people but they’re also transfecting people’s cells with these catastrophic chimeric pathogens. The vaxxed will battle chronic infections and lifelong disabilities while the cells of the vaxxed continuously replicate with the synthetic genetic sequences of Ebola and Marburg until it kills them unless they detoxify continuously.

The immune system of the vaxxed is depreciating 5% each week according to a recent UK Government study. Everyone who vaxxed age 30 and above, will have no immunity left by Christmas. But that’s not all.

As the cells of the vaxxed replicate Ebola and Marburg “spike proteins” and their cells decay and die, they will shed the chimeric disease throughout the population via transmission. Therefore it’s crucial for the unvaxxed to continuously detoxify as well.

According to a UK government declaration from the NIH, we are presently in a Phase III clinical trial on Humans using the Adenovirus 5 vector to “fight Covid-19” which began on January 22, 2021.

“This is a global phase III clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy, safety, immunogenicity of Ad5-nCoV manufactured by Cansino and Beijing Institute of Biotechnology in healthy adults aged 18 years old and above.”

So the UK Government is partners with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to exterminate Humans.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also published to their website that we are in an Ebola Vaccine Stage III Clinical Trial but later they scrubbed it from their website.”

“The Pharma death cult is inducing diseases with their vaxxine racket and making up names and syndromes that they can then profit from by “treating” later when people become diseased. What would life be like without the Pharma cartel disabling our children and killing healthy people in the name of science and medicine?

There are no viruses involved in the making of any of the mRNA or Adenovirus vaxxines, only GAIN-and Loss-of-Function chimeric pathogens which they keep naming “viruses”. E. coli bacteria are used as the base for all these chimeric diseases because bacteria DNA replicates. They’re also using other plasmids and mixing fungus, yeasts, and “several mammal-based systems” (Human/Chimpanzee clone), then genetically enhancing them to increase lethality.

They’re also using baculovirus-mediated insect cell expression. This means the Pharma cult is transfecting human cells with insect DNA. This could explain the strange mutations and Morgellons.

Marburg is simply Ebola with Ricin added to make it more lethal. Both cause hemorrhagic fevers (VHF) and attack multiple organ systems in the body, accompanied by bleeding.

The Pharma death cartel and the Eugenicists already have a PCR kit for “testing” for Marburg disease and a vaxxine to immunize against, called RiVax. The main component of RiVax is “a genetically altered version of a Ricin Toxin.” Ricin is more toxic than Graphene Oxide, by the way.”


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