Engineering Experts Share The First Sign Of CONSTRUCTION FLAW In Collapsed Building, FL Condo Building!

The company cut some material while building the Champlain Towers. Although the investigation in the collapse is still in the beginning, the first cause is a ‘’construction flaw’’ to an issue with a lack of steel.

Experts took a look at the construction of the building and the original plans. Two of them raised a red flag regarding the steel in the structure of the building. But, the forensic engineering expert hired by Surfside investigated the building’s design and shared that the signs that the amount of steel used to link concrete slabs under a parking deck to the building’s vertical columns are less than in the project.

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“The bars might not be arranged as the original drawings called for. He said he would need to inspect the rubble more closely to determine whether, in fact, the slab-to-column connections contained less steel than expected.”

Another one, R. Shankar Nair, a National Academy of Engineering, pointed out that he noticed inconsistencies between the design and the still visible columns.

“There does not appear to be enough steel connecting the slab to the columns. What we see out there seems inconsistent with what the drawings show.”

The pool repairs were planned in the restoration plant, which was supposed to begin. But, the residents of the building were being assessed $1,000, according to a woman. She survived and said that the building problems were revealed.

‘’ Ileana Monteagudo told the New York Post that she paid $600,000 for a sixth-floor two-bedroom condo this past December in the Champlain Towers in Surfside, Flordia. She learned about structural issues only after she purchased the apartment:

“They never told us anything. Then they suddenly make us make an extra $1,000 special assessment for all these repairs they need to do. We are supposed to start paying in July.”’’

The contractor pictured the garage of the collapsed tower a few days before the incident. He spotted extensive corrosion and cracking.

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‘’There have been reports of repeated flooding in the basement garage of the building. Former maintenance manager for the building William Espinosa told CBSLocal he had raised concerns about ocean water regularly inundating the parking garage. He said, “…it was so much water, all the time, that the pumps never could keep up with it.” The maintenance manager went on to say there was sometimes two feet of water in the basement:

“The water would just basically sit there, and then it would just seep downward,” Espinosa said. “It would just go away after a while. And I would think, where does that water go? Because it had to go in through somewhere. I’m talking about a foot, sometimes two feet of water in the bottom of the parking lot, the whole parking lot.”

The pool contractor sent the photos of the corrosion to his supervisor with recommendations, and two days later, the building partially collapsed.’’

One engineer revealed major structural damage and columns cracking and beams at the building only three years ago.

There are a lot of photos in the report which show the deterioration of the building.

Miami Herald reported:

“Structural Field Survey Report” was produced for the condo association in October 2018 by engineer Frank Morabito of Morabito Consultants. Morabito wrote that the “main issue” at Champlain Towers was that the pool deck and outdoor planters “laid on a flat structure,” preventing water from draining. The lack of waterproofing was “a systemic issue” that traced back to a flaw “in developing the original contract documents” 40 years ago, the report said.

“Failure to replace waterproofing shortly will cause the extent of the concrete deterioration to expand exponentially.”

Pablo Rodrigues shared for CNN:

The board collects over a million dollars of maintenance fees from the unit owners every single year. Where was that money going? Because it wasn’t going to maintenance.”

“You see these pictures. How did they not tell people that it was in this horrible of a condition? The rebar was exposed, the contractor confirms that the maintenance doesn’t happen overnight like that…it’s. It’s shocking that they allowed it to get into this. It’s negligence, and their negligence caused a lot of death here.”

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