END-TIME COMEDY: Fake President Biden FAKES a White House Vaccine Photo-Op, While New York Governor Hochul Claims That God Made Vaccines And That We Must Worship Big Pharma as Our New Saviors

Given all of the craziness covered in today’s Situation Update podcast (see below), it’s more like an End Times comedy hour. One of the big stories is how New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo now claims that God made vaccines and wants everyone to have them. The obviously Satan-infested witch posing as governor states that those who refuse to take immunizations aren’t listening to God.

Of course, the humor doesn’t stop there. Fake president Biden recently took a fake vaccine booster shot while sitting on a sound stage with a fake Oval Office set built behind him, prompting the question: Why did they need to fake the White House for a fake vaccine booster photo op to help pitch a fake pandemic?

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It begs the question: why would they have to build a phony White House to stage additional vaccination propaganda if Joe Biden (is that indeed him?) has legitimate access to the White House?

Hochul, a demon witch, says GOD wants you to accept vaccines developed from aborted human fetal tissue research.

Returning to the demon-infested witch-thing known as NY Gov. Hochul — who is giving Michigan Gov. Whitmer a run for her money in the “dark lord infestation gold medal” category — she took to the podium at a church this past weekend and declared that vaccines were God’s gift to humanity, while claiming that people who refuse to take vaccines “aren’t listening to God and what God wants.”

Here are some excerpts from her awe-inspiring speech, provided by Information Liberation:

God allowed you to survive the epidemic because he wants you to accomplish great things in the future. He allowed you to live through it when so many others did not, and that is also your fault…

Our prayers were answered by God. He forced the world’s smartest men and women, scientists, doctors, and researchers, to develop a vaccine. That is a gift from God to us, and we must express our gratitude to Him. Thank you very much. And I always wear my “vaccinated” necklace to show that I’ve been vaccinated. Yes, I know you’re all vaccinated and smart, but you know there are individuals out there who aren’t listening.

I’m counting on you to be my evangelists. I need you to go out and talk about it with your friends and say something like, “We owe this to each other.” We are in love with each other. Jesus taught us to love one another, and what better way to demonstrate that love than to care enough about one another to urge, “Please get the vaccine…”

Wow, just WOW. As a result, vaccines should be your new god, and Hochul should be your Messiah!

If you were ever unsure whether the vaccination death cult was indeed a cult, you can now rest certain.

In Alberta, all covid testing has been abolished, and everyone who is sick at home is now labeled “covid positive.”

In today’s final act of sheer comedy, Alberta’s Chief Health Officer (insert laughter here) has now declared that everyone who has been sick from anything but hasn’t been tested for covid will be labeled covid positive nonetheless.

After all, why not? After all, it’s all just made-up fiction. Why bother pretending there was a PCR test in the first place when the PCR test was a complete fake from the start?

I’m looking forward to Deena Hinshaw declaring, “We can tell people are unclean just by looking at them.” In roughly two weeks, it will most likely be the new “consensus science,” and all films that disagree with such declarations will be removed from YouTube.

To save the globe, we need bovine butt plugs… The hilarity continues indefinitely.
More humor awaits you in today’s Situation Update, which has Leftists saving the earth by acting as bovine butt plugs to stop all the cow farts that are supposedly ruining the planet. It’s a disgusting job, but it has to be done…

Also today: Perhaps the solution to all of this is for WE THE PEOPLE to REBUILD BUTTER and eat less margarine. It’ll make a difference.

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