End Of ‘CNN Tonight With Don Lemon’ Announced by Host

CNN host Don Lemon, widely recognized as one of the network’s most anti-Donald Trump and anti-Republican hosts, has announced the end of his show “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.”

After teasing it earlier in the day, the 55-year-old host revealed that Friday’s episode of the show will be his last, but that does not mean he is leaving CNN.

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“Another exclusive from @CNNTonight. I’m going to make a huge announcement. I hope you don’t mind. On Friday, he said in a video while walking on a treadmill, “See you at 10pE. #CNN.”

Don Lemon just announced that tonight will be his last show on CNN: pic.twitter.com/1o4c5xO8kO

— Jordan Lancaster (@jordylancaster) May 15, 2021

On a network that is full of anti-Trump voices, Lemon has become a vicious anti-Trump voice. He also admitted in October, just before the presidential election, that he had to get rid of Trump supporters among his friends.

He said he “had to get rid of” Trump supporters “because they’re too far gone,” but that if “they want to live in life,” he would be friends with them again.

During a handoff between anchor Chris Cuomo and Lemon, Lemon made the remark.

Lemon told Cuomo of his Trump-supporting colleagues, “I had to get rid of them because they’re too far gone.”

“I had to let go of a lot of people in my life because you just have to let go sometimes.” Isn’t it true that they have to reach rock bottom like an addict? And they must want support, they must want to know the facts, they must want to live in reality, and they must want to be accountable not just for the lives of others but also for their own.”

Lemon suggested earlier this year that the president was using the regular coronavirus briefings to revive his hit TV show “The Apprentice,” before advising viewers not to “listen to what he says.”

Lemon said, “I don’t believe you should listen to what he says; you should listen to what the experts say.”


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