Emergency Rooms In USA Full Of Patients With Acute Organ Failure! MSM Says It Isn’t Linked To C-19 Virus!

NPR is flabbergasted by a significant uptick in emergency room admission throughout the USA.
The fully vaccinated population is getting sick!

In Lansing, Mich., Sparrow Hospital advocates a massive increase of severe cases lined up on stretchers in the facility’s hallways due to a shortage of available beds.

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It’s hard to watch,” said Tiffani Dusang, the emergency room’s nursing director.

“I always feel very, very bad when I walk down the hallway and see that people are in pain or needing to sleep or needing quiet. But they have to be in the hallway with, as you can see, 10 or 15 people walking by every minute.”

At the start of the Wuhan C-19 pandemic, before the vaccines were available through Operation Warp Speed, Sparrow Hospital was average and had the patients as if there were no pandemics. Once the application of the vaccine increases, people are getting sicker.

It’s the case with most of the US hospitals.

Biden’s boosters appeared, and the health system collapsed.

Doctors and nurses say that the patients’ illnesses are all over the map. Some of the patients struggle with abdominal pain, and others can’t breathe. The blood clots aren’t an exclusion, and this issue is among the most common in vaccinated patients.

Many people struggle with cardiovascular issues, failed suicide, acute organ failure, etc. The patients can’t work and can’t pass the day.

If there weren’t the vaccine, these people would have been entirely healthy, but Fauci has to be rich!

“It’s an early indicator that what’s happening in the ED is that we’re seeing more acute cases than we were pre-pandemic,” said Caleb Cox, a data scientist at the Epic Health Research Network.

“Even though we’re seeing the overall volumes come back to normal over the summer here, we see that the more acute conditions still remain higher than the pre-pandemic normals, while the lower-acuity conditions still remain below pre-pandemic normal.”

Biden boosters are distributed, and we are waiting for the next wave of acute health problems to appear.

Millions of lives are ruined due to Fauci’s vaccine against the invented pandemic.

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