Emails Prove That CDC and Biden’s Admin Weren’t Abiding The Rules When It Comes To Pandemic Guidelines

O, to put it with more simple words – they were just reporting and taking into consideration what was going along their point of view and restrictions, while keeping the bigger part of the actual truthful tale to themselves.

Thus, they created the most unequal set of quarantine measures and pandemic restrictions in the world.

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Our children suffered because they didn’t follow science. The actual one, supported by tones of evidence and actual statistical reports and scientific data.

According to reports,

“An amalgamation of either poor or outright missing data relevant to the pandemic was used in tandem with various pandemic response guidance and policies by the CDC and the Biden administration.

This revelation and a litany of concerning aspects related to the pandemic response and data gathering were uncovered via emails between various officials that were obtained by Fox News.”

Regarding the missing data, it relates to the federal government not having information pertaining to potential “learning loss in different communities,” per an email from February of 2021 containing a briefing between CDC officials.

When questions in this briefing were asked about learning losses in the “black and Latino communities,” Department of Education deputy chief of staff Donna Harris-Aikens replied that “private vendors” are looking into it but that the federal government hadn’t been collecting such data.

“There are private vendors examining issue but believe there is an important role for the federal govt. to robustly collect this data for the entire country.”

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