Elon Musk Thinks There Should Be AN Age Limitation For Political Candidates!

The founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, said what we all have thought about at least once, seeing the majority of our political candidates and “people in position.”

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“Let’s impose an age restriction after which you are no longer eligible to run for political office, possibly a number slightly below 70.”

And I’m really supporting him on this one!

Even according to science and biology. the system functions are heavily reduced – blood circulation, stamina, and perceptiveness. These factors can really put a person’s power of choice and determination in question.

He’s an honest person, though he has the money and power to interfere in politics by himself.

He has donated to both political parties and has lately slammed the Biden administration as well as made light of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ age in a series of tweets.

On another occasion, while addressing at the Code Conference in California in September, Mr. Musk also expressed his opinion that President Biden is “not the warmest of people.”

Do you agree with Mr.Musk?

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