Electric Vehicle Charging Incident Ensures A Quality ‘Kamala Roast’ Online

The extremely unpopular and hated VP Kamala Harris is drowning to the lowest lows.

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Kamala definitely walked in the arch field with her ignorance and total disinformation (or even blankness) on the field.

Kamala Harris met with Mahi Reddy, Founder, and CEO of SemaConnect, to promote electric vehicles.

Watch the video:

Kamala Harris: It’s plugged in. So is it plugged into this, a normal electric socket, right?

Mahi Reddy: Yes, normally it’s a 240 volt, but you can go ahead, and plugin and that’s it.

Kamala Harris: There we are. And there’s no sound or fumes.

Mahi Reddy: There is nothing. And that’s all there is to it.

Kamala Harris: Yeah. So for all of us who are used to filling our tank, we usually can smell it, and you could hear it. You can hear the guzzling sound, none of that. So how do I know it’s actually working? (Cackles)

Mahi Reddy: Typically, once you wave the card, it’s actually charging.

Kamala Harris: So how would I know that? Tell me how I would know that.

Mahi Reddy: So typically, you come in here, wave this card and what it would do is authenticate, and then this light turns green.

As Kamala and the ‘Green Energy’ brigade push for more electric vehicles, they never mention where the electricity comes from.

Do they know that less than 20% comes from renewable sources? Or do they just not want you to know about the 80% that comes from non-renewable sources.

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