Election Integrity Officials from New Hampshire Just “Connected” the 2020 Dots

In the New Hampshire audit, there has been a significant change.

An election integrity official now claims to have “smoking gun” evidence that the 2020 election in New Hampshire was rigged.

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OANN is the source of the information. According to the report, Marylyn Todd, the founder of the New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group, has unearthed “smoking gun” evidence of election fraud in New Hampshire.

Todd mentioned something really troubling about the May 12 audit report from Harri Hursti, the electronic voting security specialist handling the Windham County audit, over a live webcast Thursday evening.

Hursti explained to Todd that he couldn’t delete the counters and that he had to reset the memory cards instead. Todd explained that this perplexed her because she remembered him having a “clear counter” button the whole time, thus there was no need to wipe the memory card. Hursti was then caught on tape claiming that the computer needed to be registered by November 3rd.

Hursti appeared to reset the date to Nov. 5 before publishing the report, she continued. Hursti’s actions appear to be in line with Antrim County attorney Matt Deperno’s findings.

The post goes on to state that these statements are noteworthy since they follow those of Jovan Pulitzer, a Stanford researcher and political strategist.

According to Pulitzer, auditors who would ordinarily certify faulty devices as excellent machines discovered something so obvious that they couldn’t ignore it, and this is exactly what happened in New Hampshire. “Imagine if 28% of the votes were not counted despite the fact that they were cast in the voting machines,” Pulitzer thought.

People, things are heating up in the run-up to the 2020 election. Stay connected while also keeping an eye on what’s going on.


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