Echoes From The Past Are Plaguing America

Switching the color in question is a useful technique to determine whether individuals speaking about race are themselves prejudiced.

So, the next time someone advocates for the demonization of a race or believes that one race or ethnicity should have an edge over another, consider flipping the words. In 2021, you’ll notice that folks like Rep. Cori Bush are made from the same cloth as Lester Maddox and Bull Connor. Both groups despise people of a different race and desire special treatment for themselves. Also, what about this? Every single one of them is a Democrat.

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For anyone unfamiliar with Maddox, he was the governor of Georgia from 1967 to 1971 and a virulent racist. When it came to voting, education, housing, and other issues, he and his colleagues stood in the way of black Americans’ fundamental rights. Connor was Birmingham, Alabama’s Commissioner of Public Safety in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as a vile bigot. Both employed resources from the state and local governments to disperse peaceful protesters. Both of these men were despicable people.

Here’s a quote from Connor. “All you have to do now is tell them you’re bringing the dogs. Take a look at how fast they’re running. I’d like to witness the dogs in action.” He was referring to nonviolent civil rights demonstrators. How many times has the BLM used violence, including at marches, to achieve their goals and frighten others? They’re the same individuals.

“…an anticipated attempted invasion of our restaurant by racial activists, and after the protestors and agitators arrived, the customers and employees took the drumsticks [pickaxe handles] from the kegs and went outside to defend against the threatening invasion,” according to Maddox. The racial protestors on the verge of invading?

Three black seminary students who requested a table at Maddox’s restaurant. How many racists on the left today want to keep white people out of events and spaces in schools and other places? How many people are attacked in the streets by bigots on the left because they are Asian, Jewish, or white? What we’re witnessing is a replay of bigotry. A mirror reflection of southern racism from nearly half a century ago, now perpetrated by blacks indoctrinated by the Democrat Party to despise whites.

Here’s a line from Cori Bush. “The elimination of white supremacy is the first step in that process.” Toss the phrases around. Someone would be chastised if they claimed it regarding black political power in a big American metropolis. Bush is lauded by racists in the same way that Maddox was lauded. Another Bush quotation follows.

“What I can’t do is keep looking over my shoulder, wondering if a white supremacist in Congress named Marjorie Taylor Greene, or anyone else — and there are others — is up to something or scheming against us.” Take note of the concern with race and the fear about people of different races. Much like the “invaders” Maddox mentioned earlier. Finally, there’s Bush’s take on Trump.

“Communities like Missouri’s first district will suffer the most if we fail to remove a White supremacist President who incited a White supremacist insurgency. The 117th Congress must recognize that we have a mandate to legislate in defense of Black life.

And the charge of racism against a president who has done more for African-Americans and their economic prospects than most of his predecessors combined is absurd. It’s here. The ugliness of Democrat-instigated black racism toward whites and others. The other side of the Kluxer argument. “Meet the new racists,” to quote The Who. They’re the same racists as before.”


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