WATCH: During a Media Zoom Call, Gavin Newsom Has an Epic “Hollywood Movie-Style” Meltdown

It appears like Gavin Newsom is beginning to feel the heat from the recall campaign.

I mean, I’m becoming close to him.

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Gavin literally lost his friggin marbles and showed everyone what genuine panic looks like during a Zoom chat with locals and media sponsored by the Sacramento Bee.

And believe me when I say it ain’t pretty…

What’s strange is that the entire thing had a “Hollywood” vibe to it.

I’m not sure if it was Gavin’s fancy hair or the fact that he looked just like this person, but it felt like a scene from a movie to me.

American Psycho' at 25: Bret Easton Ellis on Patrick Bateman's Legacy - Rolling Stone

Gavin appears to be an actor portraying a crooked politician having a nervous breakdown over a video chat.

He’s clearly aware that the walls are closing in on him. They’re closing in on him in a literal sense.

“We’re going to need a lot of mail-in ballots, folks…” I hear Gavin thinking.

The following is a link to a video:

By any standard, this is not acceptable behavior.

Gavin is visibly irritated by the fact that he is being “picked on.”

And he’s such a narcissistic liberal elite that he has no idea how much of a failure he is.

Isn’t it always someone else’s fault?

But it’s funny how folks should’ve predicted this…just look at how he governed San Francisco while he was mayor.

He left the city in utter disarray and has now done the same to the rest of the state.

He’s like a one-man demolition crew.

Let’s hope the people of Cali rise up and remove this despot from power.

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