Durham With Shocking REVELATIONS! He Brings New Meaning To Probe! Team Hillary And FBI In Trouble!

The latest information revealed in the Durham probe is shocking and confused many people who follow the Russia hoax closely! Also, this would seem like a confusing web for the persons who don’t read 200 pages per day.

We can summarize the latest data in simple layperson’s terms.

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Since 2016, there was the theory about Millan, the guy who gave credibility to a critical piece of damning data in the dossier, the secret collusion between Russia and Trump!

Who is Sergei Millan? He’s the president of the Russian-American chamber of commerce, the flimflam operation run out of Millan’s Queens, NY apartment. It; a joke!

The story about Millan and his credibility to the collusion story was substantial, but Danchenko’s indictment changed everything. Nothing is a piece of good news for Team Hillary and the FBI!

Below you can read the shocking and jaw-dropping revelations from the Durham investigation.

”Durham’s recent indictment states that the story Danchenko attributed to Millian (alternately, Source D and Source E in the Steele dossier) did not come from Millian.

Rather, the story came from the long-time Clinton supporter, PR executive Charles Dolan, himself tied to the Russian Federation from past years representing the country. At the same time Dolan was sourcing these claims to Danchenko, he was closely consulting with Russian “diplomats,” another word for “intelligence agents.”

It will get better!

Millan wasn’t the one who spread the story, and we have to ask who this guy is and what is his role?

… this is a jaw-dropping revelation, because it shows direct collaboration between the Clinton campaign and the Russian government in fomenting a baseless charge. In other words, Clinton forces can no longer blame the anti-Trump smear campaign on a shady British ex-spy.

But this seeming blockbuster is dwarfed by the implications of Millian’s nonengagement in Steele’s lies. Millian was not a dishonest Danchenko crony, as astute observers had assumed.

Rather, the evidence suggests he was working for . . . the FBI!

If that is so, then the FBI was not just acting incompetently by vetting the partisan falsehoods of the dossier. Rather, it was, chillingly and actively fabricating them.

Is he the one from the January 6 setup? The FBI is at it again!

We have been told for going on six years now that the FBI was some buffoonish ancillary character in the story.

But the guy who is the crucial character is working directly for them!

Team Hillary is tied to that and to the soul of this Deep State coup attempt.

Many people thought that this was what was happening, but we discovered the truth!

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