Durham Found New Emails That May Bring Down Clinton Crime Syndicate!

“…has also previously denied lying to or misleading the FBI, and is now attempting in pretrial motions to have much of the evidence against…”

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The American people had other plans than the pollsters predicted when it came to choosing a new president in 2016. Although Donald Trump would solidify himself as the 45th U.S. President, this did not imply that Hillary or the Democrats were ready to give up without a fight. Trump, the Democrats, and Hillary have hurled some highly unpleasant accusations.

Among the claims, the one that has stuck out the most is that the Trump campaign collaborated with Russia to assist him to steal the 2016 election. While news organizations like CNN pushed it, it’s now evident that not just was the claim false, but so were many of Clinton’s and other Democrats’ claims about Russian “hacking.”

Giving a breakdown of the upcoming trial of Clinton’s campaign lawyer Michael Sussman, Fox News’ Kevin Corke explained in the video below, “We are exactly a month away from a highly anticipated federal trial that could finally offer some definitive answers to this simple question, ‘What role if any, did the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign have in trying to tie Donald Trump to Russian interests?’ Special Counsel John Durham, who will lead the prosecution of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman, claims in a new court filing that part of the data Sussman was peddling to the government in 2016, and 2017 was, quote, ‘not technically plausible, did not withstand technical scrutiny, contained gaps, conflicted with itself, and was user-created and not machine/tool generated.’”

Corke added, “You’ll recall Sussman is charged with lying to the FBI for denying he worked for the campaign while offering up data [that] he said covertly tied then-candidate Trump to a Kremlin-linked Alpha bank. Durham claims a government agency. Sources tell Fox News it’s the CIA, had examined other data provided by Sussman back in 2017 and found it was not accurate. However, the Special Counsel has made it clear his office has not reached a definitive conclusion in this regard. Still, the government wants to use the evidence at trial to establish whether Sussman alleged lies influenced or impaired government functions.”

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