Dueling Press Conferences Between Trump and Biden… What Occurred Speaks for Itself

Do you ever wonder how Biden managed to pull off one of the most stunning victories in presidential history?

I mean, how could a guy who can’t even articulate a complete phrase manage to get over 80 million people to vote?

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It doesn’t add up, and every day something new emerges to cast doubt on Biden’s “great victory.”

Biden recently conducted a press conference on COVID-19, which garnered only 9,000 views on the White House YouTube channel.

In comparison, Trump also gave a press conference about his plans to sue social media tech giants, which received over 200,000 views on Rumble.

Nonetheless, they expect us to think that this bumbling Joe received more than 80 million votes?

It simply doesn’t add up, and anyone who believes it is simply blinded by their hatred for President Trump.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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