Dr. Steve Turley Must Video: President Trump Is Running a Shadow Government!

Is it now possible to sue the FDA and Pfizer for both crippling side effects and death, because the FDA and Pfizer just announced the “approval” of their experimental drug?

If he is, he must provide a platform for anti-vax doctors to speak out and present their arguments and evidence for all to see, because big tech and mainstream media have suppressed them to s***.

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Trump needs to get away from the vaccine nonsense. There was never a time when a vaccine was required. Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and now Rick DeSantis’ Monoclonal Antibody Therapy. Everyone may have built up a natural immunity with just them, which will not decline like the efficacy of ALL the mRNA vaccines.

When viruses mutate, they become WEAKER, not stronger. You are being lied to by the media. For many people, what was once a potentially dangerous flu has mutated into nothing more than a cold. It was never about a virus or a fictitious pandemic; it was always about power.

The current strategy is to blame the unvaccinated for everything. The 200 million or so unvaccinated people in the United States must fight back. Because the Bill Gates Foundation controls the vaccinated statistics, there are sure to be more. For mass murder, that man ought to DIE.

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Watch the video below:

www.bestnewshere.com www.govinfo.gov www.beforeitsnews.com

Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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