Dr. Stella Immanuel: How Hospitals Are Actually Killing The COVID Patients and What’s the REAL COVID Cure

Dr. Stella Immanuel is a Cameroonian-American physician, that spent a lot of time and research to point out the pros and cons of different medications, related to treating or worsening the cases of the CCP virus.

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During the Sept. 1 edition of The Dr. Stella Immanuel Show, she elaborated on the different drugs.

Immanuel said: “People call me from the hospital all the time because they are sick and the hospital is refusing to give them the medication that they need.” She then shared a story of a COVID-19 patient she gave ivermectin (IVM) to and how she got into the crosshairs of medical authorities despite the patient recovering.

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“The doctor also shared her thoughts on the long-term use of IVM and HCQ. “There are many doctors … that will give you HCQ and IVM [for prevention.] I know there’s a whole thing going on about IVM right now, but as to HCQ – it is a better medication for prevention. HCQ being used long-term … has been tried and tested … for a long time,” Immanuel said.

She mentioned her recommended use of IVM for treating COVID-19. “I actually give IVM for sick patients and I give it for two [to] three days. I do it for days one, three, and five – and I stop it. I don’t prefer IVM for long-term use,” Immanuel elaborated. Given that the use of the anti-parasitic drug only began in April 2020, there was not much data regarding its long-term use, she argued. (Related: Arkansas Medical Board investigates doctors for SAVING thousands of lives with ivermectin… because only VACCINES and ventilators are allowed.)

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Immanuel also had strong words for doctors espousing the use of one drug alone to treat COVID-19. “You are doing the patient a disservice. All these things work in conjunction with each other. It’s a multi-drug approach. It is not one-drug only. That does not make sense,” she said. Her remarks were directed at doctors recommending IVM-only, HCQ-only, or budesonide-only approaches.

“When a patient gets sick, we put them on HCQ, IVM, Zithromax [or] budesonide; we put them on a steroid; we give them albuterol if they need to,” Immanuel noted. She added that “fifteen months into taking care of COVID-19 patients, I pretty much have developed cocktails that work.”


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