Dr. Shiva: Maricopa’s Answers Regarding the Audit Findings Show That The County Made ‘Modifications’ To ‘Original’ Ballot Scans

“Maricopa County says image compression is responsible for many of Ayyadurai’s findings, despite not previously telling him the images were altered.”

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Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is the owner of the company that was contracted to perform part of the Arizona Audit. He expressed concerns regarding Maricopa County’s claim that the scanned ballot envelopes Ayyadurai’s firm was provided were “compressed” to the point the original information on the documents was lost.

According to the National File,

“The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors attempted to dismiss some of Ayyadurai’s findings as being caused by compressing the original image files at some point before giving them to Ayyadurai’s firm to audit. “Since the scan is compressed the envelope only takes the outline of things like an arrow or large font. So the stamp was originally stamped over The Black arrow and in a scan, it appears to be under it.”

Ayyadurai said that “What is most concerning is to find out now, for the first time since EchoMail was engaged for this audit, that the images EchoMail received are a compressed version of some original version. This means that modifications took place e.g. compression on the original images that were created from the scanning of the voter’s original EVB return envelopes.”

He continued his statement, asking crucial questions.

“Why are not all the bonafide i.e. “Verified and Counted” EVB return envelope images stamped “VERIFIED & APPROVED MCTEC?” He continued, “Given EchoMail has access to EVB return envelope images, where the stamp appears both behind and in front of a triangle, how does the County’s explanation resolve such examples? Do different compression settings exist?”


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