Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Ex-FDA Chief & Pandemic Predictor Promoted Restrictive Policies In Violation Of Federal Ethic Rules!

Dr. Scott Gottlieb practiced internal medicine, is a venture capitalist with “longstanding ties to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.” He has three years of experience in the F.D.A. under George W. Bush. He was also a commissioner there for two years under Trump.

Gottlieb quit his job in April 2019 and two months later, Pfizer’s board of directors. Even though he is without qualifications, Gottlieb offered televised predictions on potential C-19 outbreaks, peaks, and plateaus in the U.S.

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While sharing his predictions, the doctor was introduced as ex-FDA commissioner, not Pfizer’s executive.

In March 2020, Dr. Gottlieb warned, “The unfolding crisis in coronavirus-stricken New York City could be replicated in at least a half-dozen other U.S. metro areas as the outbreak intensifies in the coming weeks.”

One month later, he stated, “I don’t think there’s going to be a binary point in time when we return to what we were doing. I think world history is permanently altered by this episode.”

In May 2020, Gottlieb stated that the country with the first vaccine “will be first to restore its economy and global influence.”

In July 2020, the doctor said, “I think in the South you’re likely to see an extended plateau. The New York experience mirrored Italy. I think the Southern experience is more likely to mirror Brazil, where you’re likely to see more of an extended plateau once we reach that apex, and you could reach the apex in the next two or three weeks.”

A couple of months later, in November 2020, Gottlieb stated, “Things are getting worse around the country. December is probably going to be our toughest month.”

In December 2020, he said, “They’re not going to see peak-burden on hospital resources probably until mid-January, late January.”

In March 2021, “I don’t think you’re going to see the fourth surge.”

In April, he said, “I think you’re going to start to see cases come down quite dramatically as we get into May.”

In July 2021, Gottlieb announced that the infection spike due to the delta variant “may be over sooner than many experts believe,” stating, “there’s going to be a peak sometime probably around late August, early September.”
In August 2021, the doctor predicted that “the delta wave is going to sweep across the country in a regionalized fashion.”

In September, the predictions were, “I think our true delta wave is going to start to build after Labor Day here in the Northeast and the northern part of the country.”

And in October, the doctor stated that the entire pandemic will finish once vaccines become available for children and Merck’s antiviral pill is cleared by regulators.” He also changed his predictions, saying the delta variant “is likely to conclude around Thanksgiving.”
Gottlieb stated that he thinks the Pfizer vaccine will be a must in the childhood immunization schedule.

He stated that “if states don’t require more schoolchildren to get vaccinated, the federal government might have to step in.”

Gottlieb Has Violated Federal Ethics Rules!

The last day when Gottlieb was part of F.D.A. was April 5, 2019.

“Federal ethics rules permit former senior officials, such as Dr. Gottlieb, to join corporate boards, but there is a one-year cooling-off period before they are allowed to lobby or otherwise represent any third party before the agency, which in this case includes not only the F.D.A. but the Health and Human Services Department.”

Gottlieb never mentioned Pfizer, but he pushed their vaccines as the best ones. On March 15, 2020, Politico reported that a government official blasted Gottlieb over-involvement in the C-19 response, “I don’t know what his endgame is. What’s he trying to prove, and why does he keep stepping on Hahn?”

Pfizer shared that it would develop a C-19 vaccine, with a starting date of March 17, 2020.

TIME stated that Gottlieb made calls to government officials on January 18. He visited Trump, “Dr. Gottlieb’s role was to impress upon the president how serious the crisis could become.”

Politico reported, “Gottlieb was seen at the White House ahead of Trump’s emergency declaration on the coronavirus pandemic,” which took place on March 13, 2020. Politico also reported Gottlieb “has maintained a line to the Trump administration throughout the crisis, offering private advice to senior officials.”

He insisted on shutting down the economy before state or fed governments were seriously considering it.

However, on March 12, 2020, Gottlieb stated, “No state and no city wants to be the first to shut down their economy basically. But that’s what’s going to need to happen. States and cities are going to have to act in the interest of the national interest right now to prevent a broader epidemic. Close businesses, large-close gatherings, close theaters, cancel events.”

When he had to answer to a C.B.S. reporter if he was “telling the White House to do these things,” Gottlieb said,

“I’m still having discussions with people in the administration.”

On March 24, 2020, Gottlieb said, “There is no on-off switch. This is going to be a gradual transition. Certain aspects of life are never going to be the same until we get a vaccine, and maybe after we get a vaccine. This has changed American life, and it’s changed the globe. It’s a historic event.”

Later, on March 29, 2020, Gottlieb stated that the W.H. shouldn’t loosen restrictions. Then he released a road map to reopening, “in each phase, and we outline the steps that the federal government, working with the states and public health and health care partners, should take to inform the response.”

His roadman consisted of three phases. “Once a vaccine has been developed, has been tested for safety and efficacy, and receives F.D.A. emergency use authorization, states can move to Phase III.”

Gottlieb’s road map also stated, “The C.D.C., state public health agencies, and vaccine developers should work together to plan for and execute mass vaccination of large populations in the U.S.” “Indemnification of vaccine developers and manufacturers should also be considered.”

In the road map, you can read advice for the U.S. to establish a National Infectious Disease Forecasting Center, “this permanent federal institution would function similarly to the National Weather Service.”

One day later, on March 30, 2020, Gottlieb spoke to CNBC and stated, “the C.D.C. should put out designs for cloth masks for the public” to stop asymptomatic infection. C.D.C. guidelines shared that people should wear masks only if they were sick or caring for somebody sick.

On March 31, CNN shared that Trump read Gottlieb’s road map and wanted everyone to wear masks. “‘I saw his suggestion on that. We will take a look at it,’ the President said during his daily news briefing.”

On April 3, 2020, Trump said that the C.D.C. “now recommends that people wear cloth or fabric face coverings, which can be made at home.”

At the same press briefing in March, one reporter asked Trump, ‘’ the road map also talks about doing G.P.S. for social distancing, maybe following people’s phones, are those ideas that you’re looking at?”

According to Trump, Gottlieb is “somebody who was with me for a long time. …did a great job at F.D.A. So, we’re going to take a look. I just received it a little while ago, and he sent it over.”

Three weeks later, Trump shared his three-phase road map, and A.B.C. News stated that Gottlieb “has maintained a line of communication to the White House in offering his counsel through the crisis.”

On April 1, 2020, Gottlieb said, “I think the real wild card here is what populist states like Texas and Florida do. …If they don’t get more aggressive, we could be on the cusp of some bad outcomes. I don’t understand why those governors have not acted more forcefully.” CNBC reported, “about four hours after this story was published, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a new statewide order for people to stay at home.”

On April 5, 2020, has finished his one-year period, and Scott Gottlieb wasn’t allowed to lobby.

Violating federal ethics rules result in criminal penalties.

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