Dr. Scott Atlas Attacked Fauci & Birx! The Lockdowns Caused Deaths And Ruined Lives!!! [WATCH]

Dr. Scott Atlas is the ex-member of Trump’s C-19 Task Force in 2020 and A Robert Wesson Senior Fellow In Health care Polity at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He attended Maria Batiomoro’s show ‘’Sunday Morning Futures.’’

Dr. Atlas unloaded on Fauci and Birx because they didn’t handle the pandemic well, and their strategy caused more deaths among Americans and ruined millions of lives.

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Dr. Scott Atlas: The data is the data and the data is being denied by the lockdowners. The data shows the following, the Bjornscoff(?) studies of 24 European countries, the lockdowns did not reduce the deaths during the pandemic. That was a spring 2021 study. A January 2021 study from Stanford’s Ben David and colleagues, lockdowns failed to stop the spread of the infection. In fact, one of the authors said it was pro-contagion, increasing infections. And the most important study was the National Bureau of Economic Research by Rand, in June this year. Everybody should look at it because they showed analysis of 43 countries and all the states that lockdowns increased the excess deaths during the pandemic. Earlier lockdowns increased the deaths during the pandemic. And when the lockdown was instilled, deaths were coming down and deaths started increasing when lockdowns were implemented. So the Birx-Fauci lockdowns that was the advice of the task force the entire year failed to stop the spread of the infection. They failed to stop the dying and they destroyed millions and millions of people, particularly low income families.

Dr. Atlas has a new book: A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America Hardcover – December 7, 2021

Take a look at the video below: 


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