Dr. Naomi Wolf “Dr. Fauci Should Be Scared of Investigations – There Clearly Is Misconduct Going On”

The War Room blasted off with comments between honest comments between powerful and strong Steve Bannon and Dr. Naomi Wolf.

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This came as a response to Fauci’s prudent self-declaration as the “true and legitimate voice of science” despite spreading COVID lies in numerous occasions, despite admitting that there will be no stopping of COVID despite all the vaccines and boosters…

Despite personally funneling the COVID research back in Wuhan and contributing to the actual creation of the CCP virus.

Dr. Namoi Wolf: I wouldn’t be surprised if he (Fauci) is preparing his legal defense, as he should. Something you won’t read about in The New York Times is that Bill Gates has been called to account legally by the Indian Bar Association with murder charges… I read the complaint, and it’s a complaint based on international law on medical coercion. We all lost sight of the fact that in every law in a democracy you need full informed consent in order to agree to medical intervention. There’s no way. And especially, I just mentioned, 20 states are not reporting risks of vaccinations to the CDC… That is not informed consent… Dr. Fauci and Dr. Walensky, there are calls for them to be investigated for willful misconduct. And that’s something… Sooner or later after the midterms, their friends may not be in charge and there will be investigations. And there will be subpoenas and you are going to see emails that are now redacted. And a lot of people have died and a lot of information has been covered up. I think Dr. Fauci should be scared of an investigation. There is clearly misconduct going on.

It’s only Monday!

I’m sensing this “new variant” is going to bring many troubles for the politicians who are trying to overturn it and use it for their own benefits.

What’s your opinion?

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